Frequently Asked Questions

Please note: These FAQs are for clients selling (or interested in selling!) digital goods via FastSpring.
If you bought something on the FastSpring platform and have questions, check out our FAQs for Buyers

What are special terms?

Special terms are appended to insertion orders to cover policies and conditions that your media partners must adhere to. Special terms are not required but they do provide the ability to embed policies such as trademark restrictions, promotional regulations, brand usage and copy writing guidelines into your insertion orders.

Does a return/refund get reflected in my FastSpring account?

No, any returns/refunds processed in Impact Radius do not transfer over to FastSpring. You will need to go into the FastSpring account and process a return/refund from within Springboard separately from the return process within Impact Radius since the two systems are not currently linked.

How often will I be paid as a vendor?

Most companies choose to be paid twice per month, but if you prefer you can be paid monthly. With the 2x per month setting, you are paid every 2 weeks with about a 2 week lag. This means that sales from the 1st to the 14th would be paid around the 30th/31st, sales from 15th to end of the month are paid around the 15th of the following month. If you have set your payment cycle to be monthly, then on the 14th or 15th of each month, you will be paid for any sales from the previous month.

If I do retrieve a license from a remote server and my server is down for some reason, is there a way to resend the order number to my server at a later time so I can get all the customer data to my end?

It goes automatically into a retry state and will retry it a few times, then goes into a manual queue for us to retry once your server is back up.

How do I know what commission to provide affiliates?

You can apply to become a Media Partner within Impact Radius (click here to apply) and see what other advertisers or competitors are offering.

Can I specify or exclude some of my products from being available for affiliate commission?

Yes, you can create SKU Exception lists for your products so that those products are not available for commission on an affiliate sale.

How much do I have to generate in order volume through FastSpring before I can get paid?

The minimum account balance required for payment is $25.00 unless you require payment via international wire, in which case the minimum is $100.00 and there is a fee of $15.00 per payment to cover our international bank wire fees.

When doing the remote servers licensing option, in what format is the customer detail sent to my server and what details are sent to me as the vendor?

We can send any and all data, and pretty much in any format that you like, it is highly configurable. If you’d like a listing of the variables available, let us know.

How do I set up an Insertion Order?

Please refer to our QuickStart guide that can be obtained at the bottom of this page and also via the post-signup activation email. For guidance with this you can also reach out to us at

Can I invite specific partners to become an affiliate?

Yes, you can have a branded signup link on your website where partners/affiliates can sign up to sell your products through the Impact Radius system. You can also send a direct signup link to your specific campaign to your partners.

What options do I have for the method of payment as a vendor?

You have the option to be paid by FastSpring through direct deposit (ACH), PayPal™, wire, or check. Receive your payment every two weeks. International direct deposit (ACH) is available for banks located in the Canada, Mexico, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Wire payments are available globally.

How does your fraud tracking work?

We use a combination of external fraud scoring and internal historical based scoring. There are countless order characteristics that are factored in, and most taken on their own will not prevent an order from completing. Email address and whether it is a free account is one factor that goes into scoring, as is IP address, location, distance from billing address location, country of origination, and about 10 other factors which all go into developing the fraud score. Those which are above a certain threshold fail. It is a pretty low % at this point which fail fraud checks, and we experience a very low rate of chargeback incidents, so the system has worked quite successfully for a long time.

What is an Insertion Order?

An Insertion Order is your agreement with your affiliates. This is where you dictate the commission amount, tiers and special terms. You will need to have at least one public Insertion Order which will serve as your default offering to an affiliate. If you have other partners that you want to do a special commission rate for, then you would create an individual Insertion Order and that may have a different percentage of payout to the affiliate. Your affiliates can propose a different commission rate that they desire as well and you can either approve or deny those requests.

Can I list my products in Impact Radius’s Marketplace?

Yes, Impact Radius has a Marketplace where there are thousands of affiliates/media partners.  You can make your product visible on the Marketplace when you set up setup your account.

How are refunds handled?

You can do full or partial (individual line items, like just refunding the CD portion of an order) refunds within our e-commerce platform. If we get refund requests, we’ll send them to you for approval. *Only* if we strongly believe that an order is fraudulent or is about to turn into a chargeback would we refund without permission, and we’d explain it first. Because refunds do cost us in transaction fees, we charge 3.5% on refund transactions. On a refund transaction, the original transaction plus its transaction cost is refunded to you, you only get charged the 3.5% which covers our own transaction costs, including recovering merchant fees, overall server resources used, our potential support time for handling the refund, backup CD money we may have lost if a CD was included in the order when applicable, etc.

Does FastSpring store customer credit card numbers on FastSpring servers?

No. To protect against security compromises, FastSpring never stores credit card numbers.

Who sets up my affiliate account?

You are responsible for setting up your own affiliate account and your own campaign(s). There is a setup wizard that will guide you through this process. Any other specific questions can be addressed by emailing

Subscription Management and Recurring Billing

Setting up a new subscription service or product is fast, easy and risk-free. FastSpring’s full-featured platform offers multiple subscription structures and complete customization.

Is there a fee for being paid by wire as a vendor?

Wire payments made outside of the US are $15 to help FastSpring cover its cost. FastSpring does not offer US Wires, however, FastSpring will pay within the US via an ACH, which is free.

Is FastSpring PCI compliant?

Yes, we are PCI compliant; we adhere to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and are regularly audited.

Who do I contact with questions about fees FastSpring assesses for use of the Affiliate system?

Any questions about fees for using the system can be sent to

What payment methods and security does FastSpring offer?

FastSpring accepts all major credit cards, PayPal, bank transfers, checks, local payment methods around the world and more. We also provide fraud protection services and PCI compliance to ensure your company is equipped with the digital security it needs to sell online.

Can I get paid as a vendor by FastSpring via PayPal without PayPal charging me a fee?

For US-based vendors requesting payment via PayPal, no fees are charged by FastSpring or PayPal for the transfer. Due to changes in PayPal policy, as of March 1st, 2012, transfers made to non-US based PayPal accounts will incur a 2% fee up to a maximum of $20 USD. Please review whether our ACH / Direct Deposit option is available in your country, as there is no fee associated with this payment method.

How does the FastSpring fraud system work?

We use a rules engine that every transaction flows through. A transaction gets scored. If it is too high, it gets blocked. A store can be put into a low, medium or high risk category. For example, someone selling games is in a high category. The block thresholds are set accordingly to your risk category. The rules we use to score a transaction come from our own experience as well as that of a 3rd party system. We use a rules engine that leverages over a decade of buyer history, combined with a 3rd party service that aggregates buyer data across 10,000+ online stores to generate fraud scores. The system takes into account various items such as:

  • Buyer IP location
  • Buyer stated location
  • Credit card country
  • Email domain
  • Whether a VPN or Proxy is being used
  • About 10 other factors that we cannot disclose (for obvious security reasons)
  • Any known history for that email address

These are all used to come up with a score, which roughly translates to a percent chance that an order is fraudulent. With history of a given seller over time, the system continues to learn and adjust to find the optimal point where fraud is low enough while as few “good buyers” as possible would be disrupted.

Is there a setup fee?

While there are no setup fees for standard integrations, please contact for questions on specialized implementations, current startup promotions, or for a fully managed approach.

What languages and currencies do you support?

If you’re selling products internationally, you need a platform that can work across boundaries. By accepting more than a dozen currencies with display options for more than 20 languages, FastSpring has you covered around the world.

Do you offer automated recurring or subscription-based billing?

Subscription and recurring billing functionality is an important focus and key priority for FastSpring. For detailed information, you can refer to our Subscription Features page and our public documentation on subscription features and functionality. If you are interested in using our subscription modules/functionality, please contact us for more information.

Who can help me place the pixel tracking code onto my FastSpring store page?

You can email your pixel tracking code (found in the system after you create an Action Tracker) to if you are unsure of how to place the tracking code onto your FastSpring receipt/thank you page.

Do you offer international customer tax collection and management?

Yes! Avoid the hassles of tax compliance by having FastSpring handle tax collection, compliance and payment on your behalf, including management of the European Union’s Value-Added Tax (VAT), US state sales taxes, and more. Utilize support for real-time VAT ID validation and exemption for B2B customers. Customize your store to display prices using VAT net pricing mode or VAT gross pricing mode.

Can end customers add bundle products to their cart? For example, buy 5 products in one order by only adding one item to the shopping cart.

Yes, we offer functionality to bundle products.

Who do I contact for support on Impact Radius?

Please contact for any Impact Radius support related questions

What kind of cart/checkout customization/configuration does FastSpring allow?

With branded order pages, custom shopping carts, usage tracking, testing tools, full CSS control and more, the FastSpring platform can be tailored to your exact needs, both for branding and functionality.

What makes FastSpring’s customer service different?

We pride ourselves on offering the absolute best customer service in the industry. FastSpring’s policy is that all support requests are responded to within 24 hours, though we often respond in just 1-2 hours.

Doing business with a company on the Internet can be a very impersonal process. Not only have the founders of FastSpring run several Internet-related companies, we have also been – and continue to be – customers ourselves. Nothing is more frustrating than sending off an email to a company to get help only to wait for a week to get back an impersonal email with a pre-canned response that doesn’t address the actual question.

FastSpring is different. When you contact us, you’ll receive a response within 24 hours, often within just an hour or two. A real person with a real name will respond to your question, and bring in additional support specialists as needed, depending on the task at hand. Since we’ve been in your shoes, we always try to treat our customers as friends, and try to understand they are looking to us for real help within whatever problem or question they have.

What currencies can my customers pay with?

Your customers will be able to pay using AUD, BRL, CAD, CHF, CNY, DKK, EUR, GBP, HKD, INR, JPY, NZD, PLN, SEK, SGD, USD and ZAR. Your customers will not have to select their preferred order page currency, their location and the appropriate language and currency settings will automatically be detected and displayed. For more information, see our support article Currency Settings.

Once you’ve set up multi-currency pricing for your products in the currencies listed above, your customers will be able to pay via bank wire/transfer. For more information on enabling bank wire/transfer as a payment method, refer to our support article Types of Payments: Bank Transfers.

Other payment methods include Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover®, JCB®, PayPal™, Amazon Payments, Alipay, eCard Poland, Giropay, iDEAL, Sofort, WebMoney, check, money order, and purchase order.

How are affiliate or media partner payments handled?

Affiliates are paid through the Impact Radius system. FastSpring funds your affiliate payments so that you do not have to handle paying the affiliates directly. Affiliates can be paid via electronic funds transfer, PayPal, or check ($5 processing fee).

Do you offer support for developers?

From cloud-based hosting and data migration support to pre-launch testing and seamless API integration, FastSpring’s team of award-winning support specialists is always here to help.

How much does the FastSpring service cost?

You have the option to pay either 8.9% flat or 5.9% plus $.95 per transaction. If you prefer the 5.9% plus $.95 per transaction pricing, please make a request through our support team; the default setting otherwise is set indefinitely at the 8.9% flat pricing. It’s risk-free to sign up and use FastSpring. There are no sign-up, setup, or “special” add-on or hidden fees. You are not locked into a contract term and there is no exclusivity. Pricing includes fraud protection, management, unlimited support and much more.

Do you handle VAT for EU purchases?

Yes, FastSpring handles VAT (value-added tax for the EU) for you. FastSpring’s service provides support for real-time VAT ID validation and exemption for B2B customers. For European customers, the EU requires FastSpring to charge VAT to downloadable purchases by non-business consumers located in the EU. Business customers purchasing through FastSpring are able to waive VAT charges by providing a valid VAT ID at time of purchase.

Do I have to pay my affiliates or does FastSpring handle payment to affiliates?

FastSpring funds your affiliate payments for you so that you do not have to pay your affiliates directly.  Then once a month, the amount that FastSpring has funded for you is deducted from your FastSpring payment.

Do you fulfill purchases?

FastSpring’s fulfillment options are perfect for companies selling online. We’ll help you set up delivery of your digital products, no matter what you sell – we fulfill file downloads, handle license distribution, and even customizable fulfillment notifications are a breeze.

Do FastSpring customers have a way of looking up their orders online?

This may be developed eventually, but to be honest, at this point we are so fast at email support that they don’t really need the online lookup. In most cases we get back to customers with codes so fast via email that they feel like they’ve been taken better care of than just using a form.

How does the customer order approval process work?

Once the customer completes the order form, we do immediate authorization, and one of 3 things can happen:

  • It gets approved – we can immediately hit your server with the order details.
  • It gets declined because of fraud check. This check is immediate.
  • It gets declined by the credit card company.

Each of these events is accompanied by appropriate messaging on the order page, so the customer knows exactly where the order stands and what to do next.