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Drift is a conversational marketing chatbot that you can incorporate into your Quotes. Your prospects can utilize this tool to ask questions live with a representative, or have scripted conversations if representatives are unavailable. You can also utilize this chatbot to schedule appointments with prospects, or generate leads when they are not ready to make a phone call.

After you install Drift in your Interactive Quotes, you can access recorded data from

Integrate a Drift Chatbot into your Quotes

  1. Create an account on Drift.
  2. Customize the appearance of your Drift Chatbot. If this is your first time creating a Drift, skip the verification step by pasting an invalid URL.
  3. Click Verify > Continue to Dashboard.
  4. From the Drift Dashboard, click Settings > App Settings > Drift Widget.
  5. Under Installations, open the JavaScript code. Near the end of that, you will see a code line labeled drift.load. The line inside of that code is your App ID. Copy your App ID.
  6. In the Interactive Quotes site, navigate to Settings > Integrations. On the Drift tile, click Connect.
  7. Paste the App ID in the field.

Now, when you view one of your quotes, you will see the Drift Chatbot at the bottom, right corner of the screen.

Drift will not be visible on small devices with screens narrower than 960px.

When you integrate the FastSpring App with your Interactive Quotes account, prospects can check out and pay via FastSpring immediately after accepting the quote.  All of the details from the quote carry over directly to a FastSpring Popup Storefront, where they can pay using Credit Card, PayPal, Amazon Pay, or Wire Transfer.

  1. In the Interactive Quotes site, navigate to Settings > Integrations
  2. On the FastSpring integration, click Connect. A popup appears.
  3. Enter your FastSpring Site ID. These are the characters that follow BasicStoreSite: in the URL when you access your Dashboard. 
  4. Enter your Storefront URL. To find your Storefront URL, navigate to the popup storefront, and click Place on your Website. The characters following data-storefront=” are your Storefront URL. 
  5. In the FastSpring App, set the selected Storefront to Online
  6. Whitelist the Interactive Quotes domain. 
  7. Disable the shopping cart. To do this, on the Storefront, click Settings > Checkout Settings. Deselect Show Shopping Cart. 
  8. Disable showing products on the completion page of checkout. To do this, navigate to Storefront Settings > Checkout Experience > Completion Page. Deselect Enable products on completion page and Show licenses on completion page.
  9. Set the subscription renewal to Allow, Opt In by navigating to Settings > Checkout > Customer Information
  10. In the FastSpring App, Save your changes. In the Interactive Quotes site, click Connect

You can further customize the FastSpring Checkout Integration by navigating to FastSpring App > Storefronts > Popup Storefronts > B2B Popup.

The HubSpot integration enables you to connect your Interactive Quotes to existing HubSpot deals. Multiple quotes can be associated with each deal. In HubSpot, the Activity page automatically updates when a quote becomes associated or unassociated with a deal, when the associated quote is published, and when prospects view it. You can access the quote in the Activity page, or in each associated company and prospect’s profile.

Enable HubSpot in your Interactive Quotes Account

  1. In the Interactive Quotes site, navigate to Settings > Integrations
  2. If HubSpot is provisioned for your account, there is a HubSpot tile. Click Connect. You will be redirected to the HubSpot login page.
  3. Select the account you wish to integrate with, then click Choose Account

Your HubSpot integration will automatically reflect in your Interactive Quotes account. To see your Portal ID Number, hover over Connected on the HubSpot integration tile. To disconnect the account, click the three dots in the top right corner of the tile, then select Disconnect.

Connect your Quote to a HubSpot Deal

When HubSpot is integrated with your FastSpring Interactive Quotes account, you can associate the quote with an existing HubSpot deal.

  1. In the Interactive Quote’s configuration page, navigate to the Settings section. 
  2. Under CRM Association, click Associate Quote with CRM. A popup appears. This retrieves all of your deals within HubSpot. 
  3. Select a deal. You can utilize the search bar or alphabetically sort the deal’s name, company, or owner to locate it. The information from the deal will automatically populate the Client Company and Contacts and eSignature fields. 
  4. Publish the changes. 

After the changes are published, navigate to the associated deal in HubSpot to view the update. If you make future changes to the quote, they will automatically reflect in HubSpot when you publish the changes.