With Split Partner Accounts, FastSpring can send your partner a percentage of your sales or revenue. Your partner will receive the percentage of profits that you request for them.

Add a Partner to your Account

If you are interested in adding a partner to your Store, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the FastSpring Payee Signup Form. In the URL, replace XXXXCOMPANYIDXXXX with your company ID.
  2. Send this form to your partner to fill out.
  3. Contact our support team with the following information:

After Support configures the partner account, FastSpring will automatically deduct the requested shares from your payout.

If a customer returns their product, FastSpring transfers your partner’s share to your account. Then, we issue the refund from your account, however we retain the order fees.

Types of Shares

When you request to add a partner, specify whether the partner will receive a percentage of the sale price or overall revenue. 

Limiting Products and Stores

When you request to add a partner to your store, indicate the limitations of the partner. For example, you may only want to share profits from specific products, or a specific store. Profits which you can limit include:

There are several reasons why a payment from FastSpring to you may be rejected or delayed. The date listed in Account Transactions indicates when FastSpring will attempt to pay you. However, due to weekends and holidays, disbursements may sometimes arrive a few days early or a few days late. If your scheduled payment has not arrived within 5 days of the expected date, there may be an issue with the payment instructions you have provided in Dashboard. Listed below are some common reasons for delayed or rejected payments.

Incorrect Banking Numbers

The most common reason for a rejected payment is that bank information in the Dashboard is incorrect. If the information in any of the following fields is incorrect, disbursements may fail:

If one digit is incorrect, it can cause a delay in receiving the payment because the banks must determine where the money needs to go. In other cases, your bank may reject the transfer and return the funds to the original sender (FastSpring).

Check Your Bank Details

If the bank details in your HyperWallet account are inaccurate, FastSpring will be unable to send you a payout. In order to avoid delays, we recommend verifying your bank information regularly.

  1. In the FastSpring App, click Account Balance > FastSpring Payouts Portal. This directs you to the FastSpring / HyperWallet portal.
  2. In the Transfer tab, verify that your account information is correct. If this is inaccurate, your payout will be delayed.
  3. Save your changes.

Bank Account Number

If you have entered an incorrect Bank Account Number/IBAN, you can do one of the following:

Incorrect Beneficiary

Some payments fail because the beneficiary on the account is incorrect. This issue is especially common for banks located outside of the United States. International banking rules have severely tightened recently, and the beneficiary name on bank accounts must be precisely correct. As with the possibility of an incorrect number in your bank account information, please also check the name of the beneficiary (the Account Holder Name) in Dashboard to make sure it matches your bank account.

Intermediary Bank Changes

Sometimes payments are delayed or rejected because the selected intermediary or correspondent bank (if one is required) has changed without notice. This issue is most common for international banking systems. If you are in a country that requires an intermediary or correspondent bank, please confirm that the intermediary bank information shown in Dashboard is still correct.

If you migrate to FastSpring Payouts from the previous method, you will need to re-enter your account information.

PayPal transfers: Your PayPal email must match your FastSpring Payouts email. To change your FastSpring Payouts email, log in to FastSpring Payouts and navigate to Settings > Preferences > Notifications.
Wire transfers: If you set up a wire transfer, we recommend you send the Hyperwallet FastSpring Relationship Letter to your bank and tell them you are expecting recurring wire transfers from this sender.

Configure your Transfer Method

  1. Under Add New Transfer Method, select your country and currency.
  2. Select a transfer method and click Continue.
  3. Enter your account details as requested, and click Continue.
  4. Carefully verify that your information is correct and click Confirm.

There are two options available initiate transfers:

Manual Transfer

  1. Go to your FastSpring Payouts Portal. If needed, complete steps above to configure one or more transfer methods.
  2. From the FastSpring Payouts home page, ensure your preferred transfer method is selected.
  3. Enter an Amount less than or equal to the Available Funds in your FastSpring Payouts account and click Continue.
  4. You will see a preview of any applicable fees before completing the transfer.

Auto Transfer

  1. Follow instructions to set up at least one transfer method in FastSpring Payouts.
  2. In the FastSpring Payouts portal, select Transfer to view your Transfer Center.
  3. For your desired payment method, select Action > Create Auto Transfer.
  4. Configure the transfer period. We recommend you select Every day.
  5. Ensure the transfer percentage adds up to 100 and click Save.
  6. Optionally, select More Options to configure additional currency settings.
  7. Click Confirm.
IMPORTANT: Only one email is enabled to access your FastSpring Payouts account. The default Admin is the original email used to create your FastSpring account.

See the FastSpring Payouts Support Center for questions about your FastSpring Payouts account, withdrawing funds, tracking your payment and transfers, and for links to phone, email, or chat support.

This payout method applies to you if you see an Activate FastSpring Payouts Account or FastSpring Payouts Portal button under Store Menu > Account Summary.

Account Setup

Activate your FastSpring Payouts Account

The FastSpring Payouts portal requires a one-time account activation that is separate from your FastSpring App account. When you receive a notification to activate FastSpring Payouts, make sure to complete activation so you can confirm your preferred transfer methods as expected.

Begin activation via the FastSpring App any time or you will receive an email notification to activate after the first time your FastSpring Payouts account is funded.

  1. Add “hyperwallet.com” and “mail.hyperwallet.com” domains to the whitelist in your email provider.
  2. Click the Activate button in the FastSpring App or in your activation email from FastSpring
  3. On the FastSpring Payouts account registration page, enter your Seller ID and click Continue.
  4. Select your Account Type: Individual or Business. We recommend you select the account type based on the bank account you plan on transferring your funds into.
  5. Enter your Account Profile details as requested, ensuring the information is accurate and matches your government ID. Click Continue.
  6. Try using the phone number you used when you created your FastSpring account.
  7. Enter your desired Password and Security Questions, select the checkboxes for the Legal Agreements, and click Continue.
  8. If prompted, select your appropriate Taxpayer Identification and click OK.
  9. On the eCommunications Disclosure page, select the checkbox and click OK.
  10. If prompted, complete the Taxpayer Identification details as requested, select the check boxes for Electronic System Submission, enter your name, and click Confirm.

After your account has been successfully activated, you will be redirected to the homepage of the FastSpring Payouts portal where you have the option to transfer funds.

Our Commitment to You

At FastSpring, we know that the more time you spend waiting for payouts, shopping foreign currency exchange (FX) rates, and transferring money from place to place, the less time you spend growing your business. We are committed to help our Sellers get paid as quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively as possible. That means providing you with competitive FX rates and flexible payout options.

We recognize that FX can be difficult to understand, which is often intentional to help FX conversion providers make more money and prevent you from shopping around. FastSpring Payouts includes full FX transparency and clearly displays conversion rates and fees before you make a transfer. The FastSpring Payouts partnership with HyperWallet and PayPal leverages their access to wholesale FX markets (different from PayPal consumer FX rates ). We are able to pass on the savings to you.

FastSpring Payouts Benefits

How FX Works

Through the FastSpring Payouts platform, sellers can convert funds to up to 55 different currencies without moving money between multiple intermediaries.This saves you time and money because we have secured aggressive FX rates through the PayPal wholesale currency trading desk.

Sellers previously paid out through Payoneer:
Payoneer is not a supported transfer method on FastSpring Payouts. However, you will find that almost all Payoneer functionality is available from FastSpring Payouts, along with some additional features. If you have specific concerns, please contact our Support Team for guidance.

Funding and Transfers


At this time, the FastSpring Payouts Portal is unable to support payouts to sellers in the following countries:

When you upgrade to a Contextual Store, benefits include:

Overview of the Upgrade

FastSpring features two ecommerce solutions: Classic, which is the original product, and Contextual, which is our modern solution.

With both Classic and Contextual, your account contains as many Stores as needed. Each Store is a separate collection of products, promotions, styling, consumer-facing email content, and checkout experiences. For example, creating a product in one Store does not create the product in another Store within your same account. This arrangement allows you to maintain separate business units and separate reporting.

However, it also means that when you create a new Store of either type, you must configure these settings manually. When FastSpring Support creates a new Contextual Store for your account, you can access the new Store via https://app.fastspring.com .  Your Classic Store(s) will remain accessible through Springboard.

Data that Cannot be Migrated

Since your new Contextual Store will be separate from your Classic Store, historical transaction data will remain in your original, Classic Store. Keep in mind:

Differences Between Classic and Contextual

Some features of Classic require different solutions for Contextual.

Part 1: Request a Contextual Store

To get your new Contextual Store at no additional cost to you, submit a support case at https://community.fastspring.com or by emailing support@fastspring.com. In your request, include the following information:

Part 2: Update User Permission Access

Since your Contextual Store is separate from your Classic Store, you may want to provide some of your team members with access to log in to the new Contextual Store. Team members can log in at https://app.fastspring.com.

Users who already have the role of account Administrator or Accountant automatically receive the same level of access to the new Contextual Store. The rest of your Support Team must be granted access to the new Store through the FastSpring App.

For further instructions on creating and administering users via the FastSpring App, see Users, Roles, and Types of Access.

Part 3: Set Up Your Storefront(s)

Your FastSpring Contextual Store comes with a Web Storefront and a Popup Storefront. You can customize these to meet your needs, and you can create additional Storefronts if need be.

The Account Management portal, hosted by FastSpring, allows your consumers to view their order history and manage their subscriptions. You can style the appearance of the portal via your Store’s default Web Storefront.

Part 4: Set Up Your Products

Create product records for each item that you sell through FastSpring. The core concept is the same as product creation and editing in Springboard. Our Knowledge Base article Products, Bundles, and Subscriptions describes a key change to the way you interact with products in your Contextual Store. In addition, read about Fulfillment Options, including license key generation, and download hosting.

Part 5: Customize Consumer-Facing Email Messages

FastSpring automatically sends messages to consumers to notify them of events such as purchases and cancellations. In Contextual, these messages use a unified templating system. As a result, you can brand all of these email messages at once to align with your company branding, with just a few simple tweaks, such as adding your logo to these emails. For more information, see:

Part 6: Place Test Orders

To ensure that your Storefront’s Products and Fulfillments are working as intended, we recommend Placing Test Orders. Enter your email address as the consumer’s address when placing a test order so that you can see the receipt and other Customer Notifications.

Part 7: Set Up Promotions (Optional)

To learn about offering discounts of specific products or purchases, read about Coupons and Product Discounts. Built-in product discounts allow consumers to receive discounts without entering a code. To suggest related items and upgrades during the consumer’s checkout process, see our Product Offers page.

Part 8: Set Up Webhooks (Optional)

The Vendor Notifications feature in Classic has been upgraded with a feature called Webhooks in Contextual. With Webhooks, you can subscribe to be notified by an HTTP post when a particular event occurs. For example, you can receive notifications when consumers complete orders or cancel subscriptions. Some events we suggest subscribing to include:

See our Webhooks Overview for more details.

If you prefer to receive notifications by email only, the Seller Notifications feature lets you see the notifications that you have previously configured in your Classic Store(s). You can update these notifications as well.

Part 9: Set Up API Integrations (Optional)

FastSpring redesigned API for Contextual Stores. There are eight API endpoints that you can use to interact with various types of data from your Store without opening the FastSpring App.

You can use the FastSpring API to create integrations with your back-end systems, or third-party services. As with the Classic API, all API interactions occur on the server side. This makes them more secure than anything that loads directly on your website.

With the Contextual API, there is a single set of credentials associated with each Store, rather than having one or more dedicated API users. You make all API requests to https://apil.fastspring.com/{endpoint}. The username and password you supply identify your account and Store.

For more information about the FastSpring API, including examples of what you can do with it, see FastSpring API Reference.

Part 10: Configure Third-Party Integrations

To integrate your Contextual Store with third-party solutions such as Google AdWords or MailChimp, check out the Extensions tab in the FastSpring App. For more information on setting up these out-of-the-box integrations, please see our Extensions documentation.

Support for Buyers: Consumers who buy something from a FastSpring Store should visit fastspring.com/consumer-support for help with purchase, license, and payment-related issues.

FastSpring App Help Menu

  1. Log in to the FastSpring App.
  2. Open the Help Menu in the lower right corner and select Need Assistance? > Contact Support.
    FastSpring App Help Menu
  3. On the page that opens, click Contact Seller Support.
    Contact Seller Support
  4. Fill out the form with your inquiry details and click Submit.

Seller Support Portal

Use the FastSpring Seller Support portal to submit a new ticket or view past tickets, comment history, and any attached files. If you are not already logged in, click Log In | Register at the top right corner of the page and log in with your Support credentials.Your support credentials are separate from your FastSpring App login.

If you have not set up a FastSpring Support login, click Not a Member? on the login page and enter the requested details to create a login. Email support@fastspring.com if you need help with your Support login.

Submit a Ticket Related to your Account or Store

  1. Go to https://community.fastspring.com/s/create-case. Click the Contact Seller Support button.
  2. In the Contact Support field, select Seller Account / Store, then click Next.
  3. Use the search bar to select your Company ID.
  4. Select a Topic for your inquiry. Then select from the Categories that appear. Click Next.
  5. In the Subject field, enter a topic related to your inquiry. Use the Description field to elaborate. Click Next.
  6. Optionally, upload files and screenshots that can be helpful for your inquiry.
  7. Click Next to submit your ticket.

Submit a Ticket on Behalf of a Consumer

  1. Go to https://community.fastspring.com/s/create-case. Click the Contact Seller Support button.
  2. In the Contact Support field, select Consumer Checkout / Order, then click Next.
  3. In the search bar, enter your Company ID. Then select the most relevant Topic and Checkout Category for your customer’s inquiry. Click Next.
  4. In the Subject field, enter the topic of your inquiry. Use the Detailed Description to elaborate. Fill out the Consumer Email and Order ID that you are inquiring about. Click Next.
  5. Optionally, upload relevant files that will help with the inquiry. Click Next to submit your case. You can see and edit it by clicking View my Cases.

View or Update Tickets

After you log in to the Seller Support portal, click Cases > Open Cases or Closed Cases and select a Case Number or Subject to view the case details or post a response to a case.

As a PCI-compliant Merchant of Record (MoR), FastSpring securely migrates customer information into and out of our platform, provided the other payment processor is also PCI-compliant. This process ensures that your customers' payment information is protected from theft and fraud, and that you do not lose subscribers in the transition. 

To migrate customer information, FastSpring initiates contact with the applicable payment processors, verifying their PCI Compliance. After it is confirmed, the current provider tokenizes the information to securely send it to the new provider. This process varies slightly, depending on whether you are importing or exporting your subscriptions. Regardless, FastSpring ensures that the migrated information is completely protected; at no point in the process does FastSpring or any payment processor have access to your customers’ private information.


Importing Subscriptions

If you are interested in importing your existing subscriptions to your FastSpring Store, we require that you fully configure the applicable subscriptions in your Store prior to importing them. Otherwise, we will not be able to resume billing until they are configured. See Create and Edit a Subscription for more information.

When you are ready to import subscriptions to your FastSpring Store, please send an email to migrations@fastspring.com containing the required information outlined in the Subscription Import Form below. To import subscription information, FastSpring will request the following information from your payment processors:

FastSpring’s Procedure:

  1. FastSpring connects with you to get in contact with your current payment processor. 
  2. We request 1 subscription file from you, and 1 payment file from your current processor, each housing active subscriber information. We will use this information to activate your existing subscribers in your FastSpring Store.
  3. After all subscribers and their payment information is imported, we provide you with a formal summary outlining the successful imports, and any unsuccessful ones (if applicable). 

Connecting your Payment Processor to Ours:

In order to put our payment processors in contact, FastSpring adheres to the following steps:

  1. We ensure PCI Compliance from both processors and sign the documentation confirming it. 
  2. Payment providers independently communicate the information necessary to migrate subscription information to FastSpring. 
  3. After everything is confirmed, we request your payment processor to securely send us the tokenized subscription information. In order to effectively process existing subscriptions, we must receive these in the format outlined in the Subscription Import Form. 

When your Store is ready to import subscriptions, email migrations@fastspring.com with the information from the Subscription Import Form below.

It is essential that you follow the CSV file format outlined below; otherwise we cannot process the information.

Subscription Import Form

In order to import your subscriptions, we request the following information from you. Please follow the formatting in the Type field accurately in order to successfully import your subscriptions as quickly as possible.

We require that you provide all of the required information in a CSV file; otherwise, we cannot import your customer information. For reference, see our sample CSV file.
Field Type Description Required?
referenceId string The Reference ID of the subscription in the seller’s previous subscription. This is used to map the payment token to the subscription. Yes
first string Buyer’s first name Yes
last string Buyer’s last name Yes
email string Buyer's email address Yes
language 2-digit ISO valid country code Account language Yes
country 2-digit ISO valid country code Buyer's  country Yes
region string Buyer’s state or territory (required for US; optional for others)

For US and Canada: include the 2-digit ISO code of the state or province

(ex: California would be US-CA; British Columbia would be CA-BC)

postalCode string Buyer’s zip code (required for US addresses) Yes
live string Live for test subscriptions Yes
productPath string Product path of the active subscription Yes
quantity integer / number Quantity; this will be used to calculate total rebill price Yes
currency string 3-digit code of the configured currency. 

Accepted Currencies: 

listPrice number List price; this will be used to calculate the total rebill price Yes
interval day/week/month/year/adhoc Charging period amount; adhoc subscriptions will require the charge to be triggered on-demand instead of being charged on a system-regulated schedule Yes
intervalLength integer / number Length of the charging period unit Yes
nextChargeDate date(yyyy-mm-dd) The date that the subscription should be charged. If this is not provided, it is on-demand. Yes
endDate date(yyyy-mm-dd) The final day that the subscription is considered active.  Yes
company string Buyer’s company No
phone string Buyer’s phone number No
addressLine1 string Buyer’s street address No
addressLine2 string Buyer’s street address No
city string Buyer’s city No
discountType percent / amount Type of discount stored in the subscription No
discountValue integer / number The percent or amount off depending on the type of subscription specified No
discountDuration integer / number Number of times the discount should be applied. Null if indefinite No
discountCode string Code of the coupon to be applied to this subscription No
beginDate date(yyyy-mm-dd) The date that the subscription started. If you do not include this, FastSpring will use the date that it was created in your FastSpring Store No
trialEndDate date(yyyy-mm-dd) The date that the trial period ends for this subscription  No
intervalCount integer The remaining number of rebills the subscription should receive. If provided, the end date will be calculated based on this and the end charge date. No
taxExemptionData string Tax Exemption ID if the subscriber is tax exempt. In Gross pricing, this will result in the tax being removed from the total No
manualRenew boolean Only pass True when the subscriber does not wish to pass payment details. Otherwise, leave empty or Null.  No


Best Practices for a Successful Import:


Exporting Subscriptions

In order to export subscriptions and payment information, FastSpring will need the following resources from you:

When you are ready to export, please send this information and documentation to migrations@fastspring.com. Then, we will follow the procedure outlined below:

FastSpring’s Procedure:

  1. After we have received all necessary information from you, we create a subscription file for you to give your new service provider. This does not have any file formatting requirements. 
  2. We send a request to the applicable payment processor in order to exchange PCI Compliance information. 
  3. After we confirm that both processors are PCI compliant, we send over the customer subscription information in an encrypted CSV file. 

After the subscriptions are successfully migrated, we request that you set a cancellation date on the exported subscriptions. This ensures that they are not rebilled from the FastSpring system on future rebill dates. You can safely deactivate the subscriptions by making an API call to the /subscriptions endpoint or through the FastSpring App. Then, you can deactivate your account. 

Table of Contents

Through your Payouts Portal, FastSpring typically makes payouts on a monthly or biweekly basis, depending on the configuration in your Account.

In order to receive your payout, there must be a balance of your preset minimum in your account by the payout date. If you do not have sufficient funds on that date, they will carry over to the following payout date.

FastSpring will fund your FastSpring Payouts account according to your current Payment Frequency and you will manage disbursement from the FastSprings Payouts portal. Sellers who split revenue with other partners will experience no interruption in service and partners will receive funds through their dedicated FastSpring Payouts account.

Activate to Avoid Payout Delays

The FastSpring Payouts Portal requires a one-time account activation that is separate from your FastSpring App account. When you receive a notification to activate FastSpring Payouts, make sure to complete the activation so that we can fund your account as scheduled.

Set up your Payout Frequency

  1. In the FastSpring App, navigate to your Account Summary.
  2. On the left side of the Account page, the Payment Frequency field indicates how often FastSpring makes payouts for the Store.

Most FastSpring Sellers have a payment frequency of Two per Month. With this setting, you are paid every two weeks, with a delay of approximately two weeks from the end of a payment period until the payout is issued.

When payment frequency is Monthly, payouts are generally issued on or around the 14th or 15th of each month for sales from the previous calendar month.

Payout dates

When your usual payout date falls on a weekend or a U.S. holiday, the payment will occur on the following business day.

Minimum Payment Setting

If your account balance is less than the Minimum Payment amount shown on the Account page, no payment is issued. In that case, your balance carries forward to the next payment period. For example, if your payment frequency is Two per Month, your balance will carry forward to your payment in two weeks. FastSpring Support can change the minimum payment amount at your request.
See also: Payment Details

Payout Currency

Your FastSpring Payouts account can be funded in:

Change your Payout Currency

For funding in currencies other than USD, FastSpring charges a 2.5% currency conversion fee.
  1. In the FastSpring App, navigate to Store Menu > Account Summary.
  2. Under Payout Details, click the Edit link next to your current currency selection.
  3. On the Payment Methods page, click Edit in the FastSpring Payouts row.
  4. Under FastSpring Payouts Setup, select your preferred currency from the FastSpring Payouts Currency drop-down menu.

How to Calculate the Payout

The amount that you receive in the Payouts Portal depends on the payout frequency that you set up for your store. This amount reflects the profit you have earned after all applicable fees are applied to your balance. It is displayed as negative because it will be transferred out of the App, into your Payouts Portal.

If your scheduled payout date falls on a US bank holiday or a weekend, you will receive the payout the following business day.

In the Account Transactions page, you will see:

Monthly Payouts

If you have configured monthly payouts, you will receive the payout on the 15th of each month. Each payout reflects the profit earned from the previous month. For example, the July 15th payout reflects all of the June transactions.  

  1. In the FastSpring App, navigate to Account. Click on your balance to view all of your Account Transactions. 
  2. Add all Orders & Returns and Adjustments for the applicable month. Note that Adjustments appear as negative amounts.
  3. The sum of the Orders & Returns and Adjustments is the amount of the Payment, which will be transferred to your FastSpring Payouts portal on the 15th of the next month. 

In the example below, the June payout will be disbursed on July 15, 2021 for a total payout of $2,500,000 USD based on the combined orders, returns and adjustments that occurred in June. 


Two Payouts Per Month

Most sellers configure two payouts per month. With this setting, you are paid every two weeks, with a delay of approximately two weeks from the end of a payment period until the payout is issued.

To calculate your next payout:

  1. In the FastSpring App, navigate to Account. Click on your balance to view all of your Account Transactions.
  2. Add all Orders & Returns and Adjustments in the pay period 2 weeks prior to the payout date. For example, if you would like to know how much you will receive on June 30, calculate the sum of the transactions from June 1 through June 14. 
  3. The sum of the Orders & Returns and Adjustments is the amount of the Payment, which will be transferred to your FastSpring Payouts portal 2 weeks after the period ends. 

In the example below, the payment on June 30th for $30,000 USD is the sum of all three transactions that occurred between June 1 and June 15.


Payout Refunds

Split Accounts

In a situation where you have a split account, your partner takes a certain percentage of the sales or a certain percentage of the revenue that remains after the FastSpring fee.

Example 1: Fixed Percent of Sale Price

The customer paid $100 for your product and your partner gets a 70% split. $100 goes into your account, and then part of it comes out for the FastSpring fee. In this example, the FastSpring fee is $5.00 (your actual fees may vary). $5.00 would come out of the $100 order, leaving your account with $95.00. Then your partner's 70% split would be deducted next and paid into their account; that is, ($100 x 0.70), or $70. This would leave ($95 – $70), or $25, credited to your account.

If there is a full refund, the $70 is removed from your partner's account and put back into your account. FastSpring returns the $100 from your account to the customer and retains the order fee.

Example 2: Fixed Percent of the Revenue

The customer paid $100 for your product and your partner gets a 70% split. $100 goes into your account, and then part of it comes out for the FastSpring fee. In this example, the FastSpring fee is $5.00 (your actual fees may vary). $5.00 would come out of the $100 order, leaving $95.00. Then your partner's 70% split would be deducted next and paid into their account; that is, ($95 x 0.70), or $66.50. This would leave ($95 – $66.50), or $28.50, credited to your account.

If there is a full refund, the $66.50 is removed from your partner's account and put back into your account. FastSpring returns the $100 from your account to the customer and retains the order fee.

Bank Transfers

Bank transfers are typically not refundable, but there are alternate ways FastSpring can refund the order.

  1. If the customer has a PayPal account, we can create a manual refund through PayPal. This is the easiest option.
  2. If the customer does not have a PayPal account:

To better protect your information, FastSpring has incorporated multiple safeguards within the App, securing accounts and associated personal or business data. Features includes:

Company Administrators can set up Two-Factor Authentication or SSO for users with access to login.fastspring.com/identity/auth/login.

Login Experience

When logging in to the FastSpring App, you have the option to log in using your Password, or Google Single Sign-On (if applicable).

If you have access to multiple companies, select the applicable Company ID. This allows you to switch between your companies without logging out.

If a user inputs incorrect information 6 times, they will be locked out of the App until a FastSpring Admin unlocks it. See Account Lockout below.

Two-Factor Authentication

FastSpring’s Two-Factor Authentication requires users to go through an extra authentication step when signing in to the App.

This is not applicable for users who use Social or SSO to sign on.

Enable or Disable Two-Factor Authentication

  1. In the FastSpring App, sign in to the applicable store.
  2. At the top, right corner, click on the dropdown with your Company ID. Select Security Settings.
  3. In the Two-Step Verification field, select from the following options:
  4. Click Save to save your changes.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

If you or other users in your organization use a Google account to sign in to the App, you can enable Single Sign-On. After it is enabled, users have the option to click Sign In with Google at the login page. This prompts them to select the Google account they would like to log in with.

Only Google authentication is supported at this time.

Enable or Disable SSO

  1. In the FastSpring App, sign in to the applicable store.
  2. At the top, right corner, click the drop-down with your Company ID. Select Security Settings.
  3. In the Single Sign-On field, select from the following options:
  4. Click Save to save your changes.

Account Lockout

To protect your information from malicious attacks, the dashboard applies account and username protection. If a user enters the correct username, but an incorrect password 3 times, they will be addressed with warnings. After the 6th attempt, the dashboard will lock out the account affiliated with that username.

If this happens to a user, they can reset their password to unlock the account. FS Admin can also unlock (or lock) an account after verifying relevant identity information.

Reset Your Password to Access the App

  1. Navigate to the Login page. Above the Password field, click Forgot your Password?
  2. Enter the email address associated with your account. Click Send Email. A password reset email will be sent to your email address if there is an account associated with it. It may take multiple minutes to arrive, or be sent to your spam folder.
  3. Click on the password reset link in the email. This will direct you to a new page. Type in your new password.
  4. After you set your new password, you will be redirected to the login page to log in to the app with your new password.

Change your Password within the App

In the FastSpring App, you can update your login password. However, if you do not remember your password, reset your password from the login page.

  1. Log in to the FastSpring App.
  2. Click the user icon at the top right corner of any page and select Change Password.
  3. On the Change Password page:
  4. Click Change Password.