[Latest Release] Invoice Branding, Pre-Checkout Email Capture, and Discounts for Subscriptions

By FastSpring

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Branding for Receipts/Invoices

Purchase invoices/receipts can now be customized with your company logo. Logo addition to customer invoices/receipts can help customers immediately recognize your brand, just as custom order page styles do at a deeper level throughout the checkout process.

Email Capture for Abandoned Orders

For customers who abandon their order before final checkout, you can now capture their email and send a batch of abandoned email addresses via email or HTTP POST notifications. This is especially useful if you are managing and marketing email mailing lists with an external provider such as MailChimp or Campaign Monitor (support articles).

Price API Supports Offers inc. Discounts for Subscription Products

The localized price API now supports offers (and thereby discounts) for subscription products. The API also supports JSON, which is automatically determined via the Accept header.

The localized price API allows specific prices to be retrieved from our servers, then displayed on your website for products in your store (based on the customer’s country), using a server side language such as PHP. For more information, see our support article Retrieving Localized Store Pricing.

Next Billing Date Added to Active Subscriber Reporting Export

We have added the next billing date to the Active Subscriber export report, which will allow you to see the upcoming re-bills by sorting by the Next Period Date column.

Translation Updates

Along with several fixes to our Russian translation, numerous updates have been made to the Latvian translation of our order pages. We wish to thank one of our Latvian-based clients, BlueMentals Software, for their assistance with these translations.

We consider all our translations “living documents”, and welcome client native-speaker input into better phrasing. No matter how small the change, we’ll work to get it in the next platform release.

Conditional Notifications

We now offer conditional notifications that only fire in certain circumstances, such as when a customer opts-in to a mailing list. To use this feature with a custom field, such as a survey, set the condition on the notification to #{order.surveyFieldValues['MailingList'] eq 'Subscribe'}

Software Passport Update

When using the third-party SoftwarePassport to generate license codes, you can now pass an empty string when it is not name based.

Ensuring Up-to-Date Download Links & Files for Subscription Products

For subscription products, when setting the Download Version Behavior to “Newest File Version,” download links for active subscribers will allow customers to always have the most up-to-date file(s); inactive subscribers will be limited to the file version that existed when they became inactive, and they will be able to download that version until their link restrictions cause the URL to expire.

Edit Link Source for Existing Subscriptions

The Link Source is now editable for existing subscriptions. This feature will allow you to assign a split pay partner or affiliate to an already existing subscription within the platform, and is useful for situations when the split payee did not get properly tracked when the subscription was originally created. Future re-bills of the subscription will then get properly credited to the split pay partner.

Login Formats Dates, Times & Numbers to Local Settings

If you try to login to the platform from a country other than the United States, we auto-detect your location and show dates, times and numbers accordingly. Now there is a login option, at the bottom of the login page, to switch to United States formatting and turn off automatic number and date formatting.

Eliminating Potential Bias in Surveys

When creating a custom field, such as survey, and choosing Drop Down Menu as the Input Type, if a Default Selection is not chosen, the default will be blank. This eliminates any bias in your survey that might have occurred if a customer did not read the survey, but by default had selected the first option as the answer.

Bug fixes in this release:

  • Cross-sells without a discount now properly support custom descriptions and URLs.
  • Subscription first period “specific amount” option now correctly reveals a field for entering the amount.
  • Domain correction, which was converting email addresses ending with .om to .com for orders coming from Oman, now correctly leaves the email address as entered.
  • Editing a subscription’s end date by changing it to “no end date” now works correctly.

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