Are you investing in the right ecommerce solutions?

Calculate how much your digital business can save with a full-stack ecommerce solution, versus building your own with multiple vendors.

How many orders do you sell each month on average?
0 10,000
What is your average order value in USD?
$0 $1,000
Do you offer subscriptions?
TOTAL MONTHLY SAVINGS:    $10,689.00 (17%)

 There are hidden costs in digital commerce.


Without the right information and guidance, it’s difficult to grow your audience. From language and prices, to currency, taxes and compliance, the amount of logistical details needed to expand can hinder your product from going global.


Managing the digital commerce of your products, either with an in-house team or third party, can be difficult to maintain, let alone scale. Failure to strategize and plan, without utilizing a knowledgeable and effective third party, can result in a lot of wasted time.

FastSpring: Avoid Tedious In-House Maintenance

Teams without simple digital commerce processes spend large amounts of time and resources on mundane but necessary operations such as PCI compliance and fraud protection.


For companies that handle digital commerce in-house, it can be challenging for IT teams to manage upkeep and operations while allocating enough development time for optimizing current products or creating new ones.

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 “FastSpring’s ecommerce platform lets us focus on the important things.”

Kevin La Rue
VP at Macphun Software
Macphun photo apps have been honored by Apple as the “Best of the Year” 5 straight years.

Build or Buy?

There are pros and cons to each when it comes to building or buying your digital commerce solutions. How much customization do you need? What services are commodotized and should be outsourced? It’s important to understand your needs and what makes the most sense from a cost perspective when making this important decision.

Need help doing the math? We’ve got you covered.

Whether you have a process in place or are just getting started in determining your digital commerce needs, it’s essential that you’re aware of all the costs involved. Find out what stack makes the most sense for your business and calculate your costs now.