"As a small company, we wanted to spend our time developing a great solution and getting it quickly to market. We didn’t want to worry about the ecommerce process and all that it entails."

- Josh Brown, Marketing Director at Softorino


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The Results

Customers experienced a superior checkout experience and Softorino focused on the next chapter of growth.

Softorino immediately experienced the benefits of switching to a complete ecommerce solution. FastSpring lived up to its reputation and partnered with Softorino to ensure a smooth integration and exceptional value.

As a FastSpring customer, Softorino was invited to test an early version of a proposed product bundling feature in the platform. Softorino worked closely with the FastSpring development team to improve the new feature, and this collaboration led to a successful product. Users can now combine products and services into value-priced packages for their stores and for one-time promotions. This allows customers to get more value when they pay for the products and services they need.

FastSpring’s third-party integrations provided additional benefits. The integration with MailChimp improved Softorino’s ability to grow its email list. And the integration with Slack keeps the Softorino team informed every time a sale occurs on their website in real-time. These efficiencies have led to a more effective marketing effort and better communication among the Softorino team.

FastSpring is providing Softorino’s customers with a seamless transaction experience—from online payment to processing, and fulfillment. While Softorino enjoys the benefits of the back office features of the FastSpring platform like credit card processing, tax management, and fraud prevention.


The Company

Softorino is a global software and app development company that simplifies the transfer of media and information between devices.

Softorino is a collaborative group of developers, designers, and managers who focus on building simple technology solutions with fresh designs for the Mac OS X and Windows. Since the fall of 2011, Softorino has developed six unique software products for audiences around the world.

The Challenge

Building and maintaining a global payment system that provides localized transaction experiences.

By 2014 Softorino was ready to shift their business into a new era of financial growth. The tight-knit team spent countless hours building a new app and was enjoying some hard-earned industry recognition. In an effort to monetize their software and apps, Softorino designed a custom online store complete with their own payment gateway for its website and was ready to start selling its solutions online. Their payment solution allowed website visitors to purchase their apps using a credit card. But there was a hitch.

The company had gained some momentum and needed to stay focused on the product and driving awareness. Yet it wanted to provide a top-notch, personalized payment experience complete with a modern checkout for global audiences. Softorino knew that building and supporting a sophisticated and secure global payment system would require a significant investment of time and resources. So it decided to look for an all-in-one solution.

The Solution

A trusted ecommerce provider to manage complete experience including payment processing and fulfillment.

After exploring several options, Softorino decided on FastSpring’s global ecommerce platform to power online payments on their website. Softorino needed a partner who would stay ahead of the curve on evolving payment services, manage every transaction around the world. FastSpring’s platform offers the localized pricing, language, taxes, currencies, and payment methods global consumers expect. Softorino’s website is now able to offer multiple forms of payment in a variety of currencies to enable sales on a global scale FastSpring also offered a strong reputation, forward-thinking leadership, and a modern, easy-to-use ecommerce platform.

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