Add a Reseller Partner

Only account administrators can add and approve reseller partner accounts. Follow the instructions below to add a partner. This will automatically approve their access.

Alternatively, direct a partner to to sign themselves up. They can begin selling as soon as you manually approve them.

  1. In the reseller store dashboard, click Partners. This page manages your reseller partner accounts.
  2. In the Actions field, click Add Partner. A dialog appears. 
  3. In the Partner section, fill out the information of your Partner’s Reseller Store. The Company is the name of the Store. 
  4. Under Contact Information, provide the Name, Email and Phone Number of the Partner in charge of the Reseller Store. 
  5. Click Create. The Partner will receive an email containing access information.

Reseller Partner Access

Each Reseller will have their own FastSpring App login with access to:

The reseller can create orders for customers within the app, and then enter customer information to issue licenses and fulfillments. 

Add a Credit Limit

In Partner Management, click on the reseller’s name to access their information. At the top of the page, under Order Settings, select a credit limit option:

If you choose to enable the credit limit, enter your desired limit amount and click Save. You can adjust this setting in the future. 

Share a Product with your Reseller Partner

In order for your Reseller to see the products from their Dashboard, configure a Link Source Price Condition and assign the price to the Partner Store.

  1. From the Dashboard of the Reseller Store, select Products and Pages. Select the product you want to share with your Reseller to access its Details Page. 
  2. Under Actions, click Edit Price
  3. Under Conditions, click Edit. Select the Link Source Condition radio button, then click Next. The Add Link Source Condition page appears.
  4. Select the checkbox of each reseller store you want to add the product to. Click Create.

Requesting a Reseller Partner Store

Reseller Stores are temporarily unavailable in the Contextual platform. Until further notice, only sellers using the Classic platform can request a Reseller Partner Store.

To add a Reseller Partner Store to your account, please Contact Support. The support team will notify you after they set up a reseller store in your account. Then, you can add existing products, new products, and fulfillments to the Reseller Store.

Accessing your Reseller Partner Store

  1. Log in to the FastSpring App with your existing credentials. A page appears with your existing Stores. 
  2. Your reseller store is marked with a blue Reseller tag, as pictured below. Select the reseller store to access it’s dashboard.


From the left menu of the FastSpring App, select Reports to view automatically-generated reporting on your sales. Utilize the left menu to track sales in categories including:

Setting Up a Reseller Store

Reseller Stores are only available to Classic FastSpring users at this time.

After Customer Support accepts your request for a reseller store, configure at least one product, fulfillment. Then, add a reseller partner and configure their selling privileges to enable them to sell. See Manage Reseller Partners below for more information.

Add an Existing Product

Add existing products from your Classic store to the Reseller Store. This allows the reseller to purchase pre-configured products instead of new products in the store. Resellers may purchase these products with their credits or any of your accepted payment methods.

In order to add an existing product to a Reseller Store, the product must be set to Active in your Classic Storefront.

  1. In the FastSpring App, navigate to the storefront with the products you want to resell.
  2. Click Products and Pages, then select the product.
  3. Under Actions, click Duplicate Product. The Product Naming dialog appears.
  4. In the Product Catalog drop-down, select your Reseller Partner Store.
  5. In the Product Name field, enter a product name for internal references.
  6. In the Display Name field, enter a customer-facing product name.
  7. Click Create

Add a New Product

This process creates a new product in the system and associates the product with a URL. After the product is created, you can customize additional settings, including: description, image, fulfillment actions, and discounts and coupons. Utilize the Preview Store to perform tests of the product.

  1. After finalizing the product configuration, set it to Active.
  2. From the Reseller Dashboard, click Products and Pages. A product configuration dialog appears.
  3. In the Actions dialog, click Create Product. A product configuration dialog appears. 
  4. In the Product Name field, enter an internal-facing name for reference. 
  5. In the Display Name field, enter a consumer-facing product name. 
  6. In the Display Price dialog, enter the price of the product in the applicable currencies.
  7. Optionally, add a consumer-facing Description of the product. 
  8. Select Choose File to upload a Display Image for the product. 
  9. Click Save

Add a Fulfillment 

After you create the resale product, apply a fulfillment to it. For more information on how fulfillments are generated and distributed, see how resellers purchase and distribute products.

  1. Navigate to the Products page in the FastSpring App. A list of resale products appears. Click the product to access its details page. 
  2. Next to Fulfillment Actions, click Add
  3. Select the appropriate fulfillment for the product. You can assign multiple fulfillment actions, such as an email with a license or file download.
  4. Repeat this process to apply each additional fulfillment.

Product Prices for Resellers

Each Reseller receives an automatic source associated with them. To create a price for a specific Reseller, edit the Link Source Pricing Conditions.

  1. Navigate to the Products page in the FastSpring App. A list of resale products appears. Click the product to access its details page. 
  2. In the Actions dialog, click Edit Price > Create Price. The Create Price dialog appears.
  3. Select the Price Type
if (tags['ABC_CUSTOM_PRODUCT_TAG'] > 0) {
  9.95; // Print the unit price when a tag is present
} else {
  4.95; // Print the unit price when the tag was not present
  1. In the Price Value field, enter the price you wish to sell the product to your partner for. 
  2. Click Create

The MIME 1.0 license output format allows you to return a downloadable license file to the customer. The license file will be presented as a URL to the customer, and stored on their computer using a custom filename you specify in the MIME data.  Note: The maximum size of the returned response must not exceed 32000 characters. 

Response Headers

The response headers are ignored. We recommend using:

Content-Type: text/plain

Response Body

The response body contains both MIME headers and MIME content. This is the portion of the body that will read by our system.

Mime-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: multipart/mixed; boundary=license

Content-Disposition: inline; filename=my.gif
Content-Type: image/gif
Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64



Table of Contents

Update Your Accounts

Each Interactive Quote Member and Admin has 2 accounts: the Personal account and the Company account. Each Member can edit their personal account, and Admins can edit company accounts. 

Personal Account Settings:

  1. At the top, right corner of the Interactive Quotes site, click the person icon. Select Account Settings
  2. In the Account Settings page, customize your personal information. Prospects will see your Account Image and Name on your quotes. Personal information includes:
  3. Click Save

Company Account Settings

Company Account Settings apply by default to all of the team members’ quotes. This includes company information, such as a URL and logo, as well as color settings, currencies, and terms of service. 

Team members can adjust the currencies, terms of service, and color settings on individual quotes. Admin can edit the company information at any time. 

  1. From the left menu of the Interactive Quotes site, select Settings > Company
  2. In the Branding section, add a company logo, name, website. These will appear on your team’s quotes. 
  3. In the Quote Defaults section, add the default color settings, currencies, and terms of service for your quote. All team members can change these on individual quotes. 
  4. In the Company Address section, add your company’s address. FastSpring will apply this to your team’s quotes. 
  5. Save your changes. 

Clients and Contacts

In the Clients page, you can access contact information of each client and contact you and your sales team have collaborated with. If you use a HubSput or Salesforce integration, FastSpring will import those contacts. 

Salesforce and Hubspot contacts must be edited within Salesforce or Hubspot.

Add a Client

If you do not have any company information saved, you can add a new client to your contacts. 

  1. In the Clients page, click Create New. A popup appears. 
  2. Fill out the new client’s Company, First Name, Last Name, and Email. The other fields are optional. 
  3. Click Add Another Contact and repeat Step 2 as necessary. 
  4. After you have added all contacts for this Client (the company), click Create

Add a New Contact

If there is already a contact from the company, you cannot add a new client. Instead, edit the existing Client to include new contact information. 

  1. Navigate to Manage > Clients. Click the Client you would like to update. 
  2. In the popup, click  + Add another contact. The Create New Contact dialog appears. 
  3. Fill out the contact’s First Name, Last Name, and Email. The Phone Number field is optional. 
  4. Click Create

You can also add new contacts when you configure a quote. See Create an Interactive Quote for more information. 

Update Your Billing Information

You can add or update billing information at any time. FastSpring saves this in an encrypted format and applies it to your next billing. 

  1. In the Interactive Quotes site, navigate to Settings > Billing
  2. Click Add Card to input your credit card information. 
  3. Save your changes.

Admins can design templates for their sales team to utilize when configuring quotes. When a member configures a new Interactive Quote, they must select an active template to design off of. However, members still have access to customize all fields within the quote. 

Create a Template

Only Team Admins have access to create and edit Templates. 

  1. In the Interactive Quotes site, navigate to Manage > Templates. In any of the subpages, click Create Template at the top, right corner. 
  2. Under Template Settings, add a Name to your template. This will be visible to team members when selecting the template to configure their quote. 
  3. Under Template Description, add a team-facing description for the Template. 
  4. Follow the configuration steps of creating a new quote. Fields containing client information are not configurable in a template. 
  5. Switch the template to Active at the top of the page. This makes it visible to your team when they are configuring quotes. 

After the template is active, Admins can edit it by navigating to Manage > Templates. Team members can select this or other templates when creating new quotes.  

Grouping Templates

You can add your team’s Templates to groups to organize them. Each group is visible to admin on the left menu. To create a new group, click Manage > Templates > + New Group

Add a Template to a Group

  1. After you have created a group, navigate to the All Templates page. 
  2. Scroll to the template you wish to add. Click the three dots at the top, right corner of the quote. 
  3. Click Move to Group. Select the group you wish to add the template to. A confirmation dialog appears. 
  4. Click Move to confirm. FastSpring will automatically move the template to the selected group.

FastSpring supports 3 types of products: products, bundles, and subscriptions. All products must have digital fulfillments, and abide by our terms and conditions. 

For each product, bundle, and subscription, you create a new record in FastSpring containing the following information: 

FastSpring uses this information to create a new record, and identify it internally. After you create the product record, edit it to configure discounts, fulfillments, and additional customizations. 

Prohibited Sales

The FastSpring Terms of Use prohibits the sales of the following types of content, products, and services:

Any account determined to be associated with any form of illegal activity, in addition to being frozen, will be reported to the appropriate authorities. Thank you for complying with our policy.

Product Display

To manage how your products display in the shopping cart, navigate to Storefronts > Settings. You do not need to manage multiple copies of a single product to display it in various ways. Here, you can control:

Search for Products

Use the Filter field at the top, right corner of the Products page to search for products, or apply the following filters:

To reverse orders in which items are displayed, select the arrows to the left of each category name.

Delete a Product

  1. From the Products menu, select the product you want to delete.
  2. On the product detail page, click the Options drop-down menu at the top right and select Delete.
  3. Select Ok to confirm.

Accordion Container Test



Test: Here is some information

Test: Here is some information

Test: Here is some information

With Split Partner Accounts, FastSpring can send your partner a percentage of your sales or revenue. Your partner will receive the percentage of profits that you request for them.

Add a Partner to your Account

If you are interested in adding a partner to your Store, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the FastSpring Payee Signup Form. In the URL, replace XXXXCOMPANYIDXXXX with your company ID.
  2. Send this form to your partner to fill out.
  3. Contact our support team with the following information:

After Support configures the partner account, FastSpring will automatically deduct the requested shares from your payout.

If a customer returns their product, FastSpring transfers your partner’s share to your account. Then, we issue the refund from your account, however we retain the order fees.

Types of Shares

When you request to add a partner, specify whether the partner will receive a percentage of the sale price or overall revenue. 

Limiting Products and Stores

When you request to add a partner to your store, indicate the limitations of the partner. For example, you may only want to share profits from specific products, or a specific store. Profits which you can limit include:


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or use the left hand navigation to find helpful articles.

Customers can connect their Amazon account to your Storefront. This authorizes payment methods and information that is associated with their Amazon account. This way, they do not need to enter their name, address, or payment details in your Store. 

Customers can pay with any payment method connected to their Amazon account except gift cards. 

Customer Experience

  1. At checkout, the customer selects Pay with Amazon. Customers within the US may be prompted to enter their zip code for tax purposes. 
  2. FastSpring redirects the customer to a secure site hosted by Amazon. They log in to their Amazon account. 
  3. The customer selects the payment method they would like to use for the purchase. Then, they click Pay now with Amazon.
  4. FastSpring processes the transaction and redirects the customer to your storefront’s completion page. 
  5. FastSpring sends the default order receipt notification. Amazon sends a separate payment notification. 

Refunds and Returns

Process refunds and returns the same as you do for any other transaction. FastSpring will automatically return the funds to the customer’s account.