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This article provides information about the account.created webhook event.

The account.created server webhook event fires when a customer account is created. For example, when a customer whose email address does not match an existing account places a new order, a new customer account is created, and this event fires. Customer Accounts and single sign-on provides detailed information regarding customer accounts.

 About Webhook Expansion

account.created is not affected by webhook expansion.


Each post from FastSpring to your endpoint may contain more than one webhook event in its payload. For more information, please see About Webhooks.


Contents of Event Payload

idstringFastSpring-generated customer account ID
accountstringFastSpring-generated customer account ID
contactobjectcontains customer contact details
contact.firststringcustomer's first name
contact.laststringcustomer's last name
contact.emailstringcustomer's email address
contact.companystringcustomer's company name (may be null)
contact.phonestringcustomer's telephone number (may be null)
languagestringtwo-character ISO code for the customer's language
countrystringtwo-character ISO code for the customer's country
lookupobjectparameters used to look up the account (e.g. via the FastSpring API)
lookup.globalstringcustomer-visible account ID
lookup.customstringoptional custom account ID assigned by you (e.g., your internal ID for this customer)
lookup.urlstringdefault URL for the customer-facing account management page



account.created webhook example
    "custom" : "8675309"