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This article provides information about the account.updated webhook event.

The account.updated webhook fires when a consumer's account is updated. This includes:
  • When customer information is manually updated within the application
  • When an existing customer places a new order with different personal information
Customer Accounts and single sign-on provides detailed information regarding customer accounts.

Contents of Event Payload

Address Line 1StringContains Address Line 1
Address Line 2StringContains Address Line 2
CityStringCity entered during checkout
CountryStringCountry entered during checkout
Postal CodeStringPostal code entered during checkout
RegionStringRegion entered during checkout

account.updated Webhook Example

The account.created Webhook is also updated with the Address block as they both populate the JSON from the same resource file.

  • {
     "id": "QVZXdrO5S3mZ3lZERLRhVg",
     "account": "QVZXdrO5S3mZ3lZERLRhVg",
     "contact": {
       "first": "Hemant",
       "last": "Kamath124",
       "email": "",
       "company": null,
       "phone": "08578004481",
       "subscribed": true
     "address": {
       "address line 1": "755 E Capitol Avenue, Apt A102",
       "address line 2": null,
       "city": "Milpitas",
       "country": "US",
       "postal code": "95035",
       "region": "US-CA"
     "language": "en",
     "country": "US",
     "lookup": {
       "global": "b9l6ZezySYScYizUqetxXQ"
     "url": ""