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Amazon Pay FAQ


This article provides answers to common questions about Amazon Pay.

What is Amazon Pay?

One of the payment methods available to customers visiting your FastSpring Store is Amazon Pay. Amazon Pay is a free service that allows customers who have Amazon accounts to authorize payments to FastSpring using payment methods associated with their Amazon accounts. For example, a customer who has a credit card account on file with Amazon can pay FastSpring using that card by simply signing in to Amazon securely. With Amazon Pay, there is no need for customers to enter their name, address, or payment details on your FastSpring Store.


How Do Customers Sign Up for Amazon Pay?

According to Amazon's FAQ, customers who already have an account with Amazon only have to accept Amazon's Conditions of Use and Privacy Notice when signing in on a non-Amazon site that accepts Amazon Pay. There is no separate registration process.


Can Customers Use Amazon Gift Cards or Gift Certificates with Amazon Pay?

No. According to Amazon's FAQ, " gift cards entered into your Amazon account cannot be used when making purchases with Amazon Pay on third-party websites," including FastSpring. 


Is There Any Cost Associated with Using Amazon Pay via My FastSpring Store?

No. There is no additional cost or service fee to the customer, and there is no additional cost to you beyond your standard transaction processing fees.


What Do I Have to Do to Enable Amazon Pay on My FastSpring Store?

Nothing. It is already enabled today.


Is Amazon Pay Available on Popup Storefronts?

Yes. Amazon Pay is available on both Web Storefronts and Popup Storefronts.


What is the Customer Experience when Using Amazon Pay?

  1. The customer clicks Pay with Amazon on your Storefront.

    Note:  Customers in the United States may be prompted to enter their ZIP code for sales tax purposes.
  2. The customer is automatically redirected to a secure site hosted by Amazon, and logs on using his or her normal Amazon account credentials.


    If the customer has already logged on to Amazon in another tab of the same browser session, a page similar to the one pictured above appears. However, instead of having login fields, it instructs the customer to simply click Continue to sign on.
  3. The customer selects which payment method associated with the Amazon account he or she wants to use for the purchase and clicks the blue Pay Now With Amazon button.

  4. The transaction is processed, and the customer sees the completion page of your Storefront as usual. FastSpring sends the default order receipt email message to the customer as usual, and Amazon sends a separate payment notification email message to the customer as well.


Can Customers Use Amazon Pay for Subscription Orders?

Yes, customers can use Amazon Pay for subscription orders. For subscriptions with automatic renewals, when the customer logs on to Amazon, he or she sees an additional dialog just below the Payment Method selection. The customer must select the checkbox labeled Use my selected payment method for future purchases and payments to this merchant before clicking the blue Pay Now with Amazon button.


How are Refunds and Returns Handled for Amazon Pay Orders?

You can process a refund for an Amazon Pay order in the same way you would for any other transaction. The funds are returned to the customer's payment account automatically.

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