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This article describes product bundles and explains how to create them.

A bundle is a group of products that are sold together as a package. The individual items in the bundle can also be sold separately. Only one variation of a particular product can be included in each bundle.

Working with bundles is much the same as working with standalone products. Editing a bundle and editing a product are done in exactly the same way, except your existing bundles are listed on the Bundles tab instead of the Products tab.


Do not include a subscription in a bundle, because that will result in all subscription rebills having an amount of $0.00 instead of the subscription's price. If you need to bind one or more subscriptions together for sale as a combined offer, consider using Product Options on your main subscription item, or use standalone products as Subscription Addons. Either way, the additional items can be pre-selected, and can be required selections when the primary subscription item is selected by the customer.


To Create a Bundle

  1. From the Products menu, select Bundles, and then click . The Create Bundle popup window will appear.

  2. In the Product title displayed to the customer field, enter the product title (sometimes called the display name) as it will be shown in the Storefront (e.g. on the Homepage, Product Page and Completion Page). You can optionally click the language drop-down and enter the title in other languages as desired.
  3. The Product Path field - also called the product ID - is populated automatically based on the product title entered above. It uses the same product title you entered, but with dashes in place of any spaces or punctuation. The product path identifies the bundle record for in the API and in reporting, and also becomes part of the URL for the bundle's product page. You can override the default product ID now, during bundle creation, but you will not be able to change it once you have clicked Create (except by copying the bundle to a new one).


    Do not enter spaces or punctuation in the Product Path field, or you will encounter an error message and you may have to start over.
  4. In the Price field, enter the price for the bundle. For more information about pricing, please see Product Price Settings and Currencies, Conversions and Taxes.
  5. In the Products in the Bundle field, begin typing the name of the first product to be included in the bundle. A list of matching products appears below the field, and gets shorter as you narrow down the specific product you want to add. Use the mouse or the arrow keys and Enter/Return key to select the desired product from the search results.
  6. Repeat step 5 until you have added all of the required products to the bundle.
  7. Click Create to complete bundle creation.

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