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A Bundle is a group of individual products that are sold together.

Create a Bundle

  1. From the Products menu, select Bundles, and then Create Bundle in the top right corner.
  2. In the Product title displayed to the customer field, enter the display name to show in your Storefront pages.
    • To enter the title in a different language, click the language drop-down menu and select the desired language.
  3. The Product Path field will auto populate based on the previous field. You can modify the default Product Path but it will no longer be editable after you create the Bundle.
  4. In the Price field, enter the price for the Bundle. See for more information.
  5. In the Products in the Bundle field, select products to include in the Bundle.
    • Begin typing the name of a product to be included in the Bundle. A list of matching products appears below the field.
    • Select the product you want to include.
    • Repeat until you add all of the products to the Bundle.
  6. Click Create to complete.

Bundles with Subscriptions

Do not incorporate a Subscription in your Bundle because recurring subscription charges will process as $0.00. Instead, use Product Options or Subscription Add-Ons.

Product Options

Group multiple subscriptions together using Product Options on your main subscription item. One or more additional products can appear in the shopping cart to select during checkout.

Subscription Add-Ons

Create a group that includes a subscription by adding stand alone products to your subscription items as Subscription Add-Ons. These can be pre-selections or required selections during checkout.