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Choose Products to be Displayed on the Storefront's Homepage


This article explains how to control which products appear on the Homepage of your Web Storefront.

The Homepage of a Web Storefront lets you display an organized list of the products in your FastSpring Store, like a product catalog. You can select to display 0, 1, or 2 groups of products on this page. For example, if you use two groups, the headings might be "Android Products" and "iOS Products."


To Choose the Products to Appear on the Storefront's Homepage 

  1. Select the Storefronts menu on the left-hand side of the FastSpring App. The Web Storefronts tab is selected by default.
  2. Click the Homepage button for the Storefront you want to edit.

  3. The Homepage Products popup window opens. This window consists of two main sections, just like the Homepage itself. The Main Heading and Main Products fields control the top or upper section of the Homepage. The Secondary Heading and Secondary Products fields control the bottom or lower section of the Homepage. The secondary section is entirely optional; you can choose to leave those fields blank if desired.

  4. You have the option to enter heading text to be displayed on the Homepage above the products in a section, or you can skip this step. To enter heading text, click the Main Heading or Secondary Heading field and enter the text. For example, you might enter the Main Heading as "Perpetual License Options" and enter the Secondary Heading as "Subscription Options." You can optionally click the language drop-down and enter the heading text in each desired language.
  5. Use the Main Products field (and optionally, the Secondary Products field) to choose which products appear on the Homepage. Click the text entry area and begin typing the name of the product you want to add, and a list of matching products pops up.

  6. Click the desired product or use the arrow keys and Enter/Return key on your keyboard to choose it. The product immediately appears in the list of products in the corresponding section of the Homepage.
  7. In case you need to remove a product from the Homepage, click the red Remove link to the left of the product to be removed.
  8. Click Save to save your changes.

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