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Default Customer Notification Templates


This article provides downloadable copies of the default, unmodified templates for customer notifications.

Since FastSpring is the merchant and seller of record for all transactions we process, customers buy from FastSpring rather than from you. Therefore, FastSpring is responsible for providing email receipts and subscription-related messages directly to customers. Thus, you do not have to send email receipts or subscription-related messages to your customers; FastSpring takes care of that for you.

You can modify and customize the contents of the messages that FastSpring sends to customers by editing the messages' templates. For more information, see our articles about Customer Notifications and the Template Reference.


Reverting Message Templates to Their Default Statuses

This article provides the default code for the various customer notification templates, as they are when a brand new Store is created. These files may be helpful in case you make a mistake modifying your template, and you want to revert to the original/default version of the message. You can download a copy of the template file from this article and then copy and paste from the file into the corresponding template in the FastSpring App under Settings → Customer Emails.


You should only do this if you understand what will happen. If you completely replace the template for a given message with that message's default template, any changes that have been made to the modified template are lost. You should manually back up your existing template locally or in a network location before you replace it with the default version.


All files are provided here in .txt format for maximum compatibility with the editing application of your preference.


The Subject of each message is a separate field from the message body in the FastSpring App. The subject is the same for both the HTML and Text versions of each message. Accordingly, the contents of the Subject field are provided in a separate .txt file for each message.


Order Message Templates

MessageSubjectHTML VersionText Version
Default Gift Purchaser Receiptdefault gift purchaser receipt subject.txtdefault gift purchaser receipt.txtdefault gift purchaser receipt (text).txt
Default Gift Recipient Fulfillmentdefault gift recipient fulfillment subject.txtdefault gift recipient fulfillment.txtdefault gift recipient fulfillment (text).txt
Default Order Receiptdefault order receipt subject.txtdefault order receipt.txtdefault order receipt (text).txt
Order Canceledorder canceled subject.txtorder canceled.txtorder canceled (text).txt
Order Pending Approvalorder pending approval subject.txtorder pending approval.txtorder pending approval (text).txt
Payment Required for the Orderpayment required for the order subject.txtpayment required for the order.txtpayment required for the order (text).txt


Subscription Message Templates

MessageSubjectHTML VersionText Version
Activatedactivated subject.txtactivated.txtactivated (text).txt
Canceledcanceled subject.txtcanceled.txtcanceled (text).txt
Charge Completedcharge completed subject.txtcharge completed.txtcharge completed (text).txt
Charge Failedcharge failed subject.txtcharge failed.txtcharge failed (text).txt
Deactivateddeactivated subject.txtdeactivated.txtdeactivated (text).txt
Payment Overduepayment overdue subject.txtpayment overdue.txtpayment overdue (text).txt
Payment Reminderpayment reminder subject.txtpayment reminder.txtpayment reminder (text).txt
Trial Remindertrial reminder subject.txttrial reminder.txttrial reminder (text).txt
Updatedupdated subject.txtupdated.txtupdated (text).txt


Account Message Templates

MessageSubjectHTML VersionText Version
Login URL

login url subject.txt

login url.txt

login url (text).txt