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Digital Invoicing Management

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From the FastSpring App, Sales Representatives, Store Order Support Representatives, Store Administrators, and Company Administrators have access to tools to manage quotes and corresponding orders. The FastSpring App will help you to view the status of quotes, filter for quote-driven orders, manually trigger fulfillments, and apply PO numbers to invoices.

Quote Status

From the Quote’s details page, you can see the status of each Quote. There are 5 possible quote statuses:

  • Open –  When a quote is created, it is created in the Open status. The quote will remain Open until it is accepted, canceled, or expired.
  • Pending Payment – After a Quote is accepted and the consumer has received an Invoice, the Quote is set to Pending Payment until they complete the purchase, at which point it is updated to the Completed status. Select View Order to see full details of the resulting order.
  • Completed – After a Quote is accepted and the payment is received, the Quote is marked Completed. This means that an Order was created from the Quote, and the consumer paid that order.
  • Expired – If the Quote is Open on the specified expiration date, the Quote is marked Expired.  After it expires, it is no longer visible to the consumer, but it can be duplicated to create a new Quote. If a Quote is Accepted or Canceled before the Expiration date, it does not expire.
  • Canceled – Open Quotes can be canceled by clicking Cancel Quote. If a Pending Payment order is canceled, the original Quote will be canceled automatically. After a quote is canceled, it is no longer visible to the recipient but can be duplicated to create a new, Open quote.

Filter for Quote-Driven Orders

Within the Orders page of the FastSpring App, you can see all Orders that have a Quote associated with them by applying the Quote-driven filter to the Orders list. This will return all completed and pending orders that were generated from a Quote.

  1. In the FastSpring App, navigate to Sales > Orders.
  2. In the All Orders tab, click All Sources > Quote Driven.
  3. Optionally, apply additional filters to your search to further specify the results.

Filter E-Commerce Orders

To exclude quote-driven orders from your search, apply the E-Commerce filter. This returns all store orders that did not originate from a Quote.

Quotable and Non-Quotable Products

To limit the products that can be added to Quotes, you can apply a Quotable or Non-Quotable tag to your products.

By default, all products in your product catalog are set to Quotable. However, if you wish to limit the availability of a certain product during quote configuration, you can set the product to be Non-Quotable.

  1. In the FastSpring App, navigate to the product you wish to make Non-Quotable.
  2. In the top, right corner of the product’s details page, click the Quotable drop-down, and select Non-Quotable.
  3. Your changes will be saved automatically.

Changes are not permanent. If you would like to make this product Quotable again in the future, repeat this process, but select Quotable instead.

Manually Process a Fulfillment on Pending Orders

No manual intervention is required to send prospects their fulfillment. When a quote is accepted, prospects are prompted to pay or generate an Invoice. They will either receive their fulfillment automatically after the invoice is generated, or when the payment is received; this depends on the quote’s configuration.

If the quote was configured to deliver fulfillment when payment is received and the payment is still pending, you can optionally override this flow to deliver fulfillment immediately. This does not impact the order status.

  1. From the Orders page in the FastSpring App, navigate to the pending order’s details page.
  2. Under Item Details, click Process Fulfillment.
  3. Click Confirm.

This immediately sends a fulfillment to the prospect prior to receiving their payment. Fulfillment details are configured at the Product level.

Add a Purchase Order Number to an Invoice

After a quote is accepted and an invoice has been created, you or the prospect can apply their Purchase Order Number directly on the Invoice.

  1. From the FastSpring App, Navigate to Sales > Quotes. If you have not done so already, click Generate Invoice for the Quote.
  2. After the Quote is in Accepted status, click View Invoice from the Quote’s details page.
  3. On the invoice, click +Add PO Number.
  4. Enter the Purchase Order Number, and click Save.


Quote Export

Within the Data Exports page, you can create a Quote Export, which allows you to export details of all the Quotes that exist in your FastSpring store. You can limit this by time period. For more information on exporting information, see our Data Exports doc.

  1. In the FastSpring App, navigate to Reports > Data Exports.
  2. At the top, right corner, click Create Data Export. The Data Export configuration page appears.
  3. In the Report Name field, type in a name for the Data Export.
  4. In the Report Type field, select Quote Export from the drop-down menu.
  5. Optionally, adjust the language, site and dates for your export.
  6. Click Create.

The Quote Export will automatically show up in your Data Exports page as Processing. Allow up to a couple minutes for the data to be exported. The page will automatically refresh with the quote export available for you to Preview, Download or Delete.