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Edit a Quote

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While your Quote is in the Open status, you can make real-time adjustments to it, including:

  • Add or remove products
  • Modify the price
  • Adjust the quantity
  • Input a VAT ID
  • Change the currency
  • Apply a Purchase Order Number

After the prospect accepts the Quote, they have the option to generate an invoice or pay. This moves the quote to either Pending Payment or Completed; no further changes can be made to it. If they generate an invoice, the order will appear in your Store’s Orders page under Awaiting Payment. If they pay immediately, the order will appear in your main Orders list.

Edit a Quote

  1. In the FastSpring App, select the Quote you wish to edit to access its details page.
  2. In the relevant section, select Edit. See Create a Quote for more information on quote configuration.

After you save your changes, the quote will be updated in real time to reflect the changes on the prospect’s end. If a quote is accepted, expired, or canceled, you cannot make changes, however, you can duplicate the quote.

Cancel a Quote

At the top, right corner of the quote’s details page, click Cancel Quote. After the quote is canceled, it is no longer accessible to the consumer. A banner will appear at the top of the details page with the date, time, and user who canceled it.

You can only cancel quotes in the Open status.

Duplicate a Quote

At the top, right corner of the quote’s details page, click Duplicate to copy a quote’s configuration to a new one. This action can be performed at any time and does not impact the status of the original quote. The new quote is created in the Open status.

Generate an Invoice

At the top, right corner of the Quote’s details page, click Generate Invoice to mark the accept the quote and create an Invoice for the consumer. The status of the Quote will automatically change to Awaiting Payment, and a Pending Order will be created. The date, time, and user who completed this action will be recorded at the top of the details page.

You can only generate an Invoice for a Quote that is in the Open status.