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Edit Online Storefronts


How to modify a Storefront that is already online and processing customer orders.

When you modify an Online (Live) Storefront, it is best to keep the Storefront online. To make sure consumers do not experience untested or incomplete changes, create a copy of the Storefront to modify for testing. When you are satisfied with the changes, overwrite the original Storefront with updates. 

  1. Select the Storefronts menu. Select Web Storefronts or Popup Storefronts depending on the storefront you want to modify.
  2. On the Storefront you want to change, click More > Copy. A popup appears.
  3. In the To New Storefront URL field, type a name for the temporary testing Storefront. The name can be anything since the changes will be made public in your Live Storefront.
    Do not click the drop-down selector in the To Existing Storefront field unless you want to replace an existing Storefront completely. After you have made and tested your changes, use this field to replace the original Storefront settings. 
  4. Click Finish. All the settings are copied to the new Storefront.
  5. Apply changes to the newly created Storefront. Test the copy Storefront as needed until you are satisfied with the changes.
  6. In the newly modified Storefront listing, click the More > Copy. A popup appears. 
  7. In the To Existing Storefront field, choose the Live Storefront you originally copied as the destination for your modified settings. This action completely replaces all settings for the original Storefront with the modified settings of the copied Storefront.
  8. Click Finish. The changes made in your copied Storefront will carry over into the original without taking it offline.