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FastSpring App Features


Overview of the FastSpring App features

Use the FastSpring App to manage the FastSpring ecommerce platform.

In May 2020, the FastSpring App replaced what was previously called the FastSpring Dashboard to manage the latest Contextual version of the FastSpring platform. If you use the Classic version of the FastSpring platform, continue to use Springboard.

fastspring dashboard


Vertical Navigation Menu

Access the full menu on the left side of each page in the FastSpring App. On the menu, the Dashboard link returns to the main page, which features real-time revenue trends.

Three-Tier Breadcrumbs

A three-tier breadcrumb system helps you keep track of your place within the App and return to a previous page. In the breadcrumb navigation, click the hyperlink of the page to which you want to return.

Switch Between Stores

Many FastSpring clients have more than one FastSpring Store. Each Store has a unique set of products, promotions, Storefronts, and reporting. Use the store menu in the upper right corner to switch stores.


Some pages of your Storefront contain subpages, such as the Orders page under the Sales menu.


Sort Products by:

  • Product Path
  • Display Name
  • Price
  • Creation Date

Use the controls at the bottom left to adjust the number of products on each page and the bottom right to switch between pages.

Product Details

Click on a product to see more details.

  • Overview - see or edit the Product Path, Display Name, Summary, Icon, and Public/Private status of each product. 
  • Pricing - enter the Pricing Plan for the product in each supported currency. If you only enter the price in your base currency, FastSpring automatically converts it for you. See Currencies, Conversions, and Taxes for more information. Additionally, you can also determine the quantities allowed for purchase, and whether or not consumers can adjust it.
  • Discount - apply temporary discounts to the product. You can set the discount amount, the dates that it applies, and the name of the promotion.
  • Fulfillment - apply the product’s formatting (digital, shipment, or service) and enable or disable various fulfillment methods. Examples include license keys, downloads, and physical shipments.
  • Related Offers - apply Product Offers and Product Options to the specific product.
  • Advanced - contains editable sections, including the SKU, Long Description, DevMate Product Match, EDS, Call to Action, and Post Order Instructions. You may incorporate these to provide consumers with additional information or services.

For more information about these sections and how to enhance your products with them, see Products.

Sales Menu

Orders Page

This page lists all Orders and includes information on their Status, Product, Amount, Reference and Time.

  • Status - marks the status of the transaction, including a Test tag if an order is not live.
  • Product - lists the Display Name of the purchased product
  • Amount - records the transaction amount for each Order
  • Reference - includes the consumer's name, email address, and Order Reference. If the order is unsuccessful, this field includes the reason.
  • Time - records the date and time of the Order.

Control the number of records in display on the page and use search bars to find specific transactions.

Order Detail Page

Select an order to see the Order Detail page.

  • Key Order Details - includes the Order Status, Date, Reference, Storefront, and a link to the invoice.
  • Consumer Details - lists the consumer’s name, contact information, and fulfillment address. You can use the buttons Move to Another Customer, Resend Notifications and Copy to New Custom Order for additional actions.
  • Order Contents - records all transaction details, including the Status, Image, Item Details, Quantity, Price, Tax, and Total.
  • Payments and Returns - lists any relevant purchase and return transactions. To make a return, select the Return / Refund Order button at the top, right of this section.
  • Notes - allows you to add any applicable notes regarding the transaction.
  • Webhooks - lists the Webhook Events applied to that product and the date that they were applied.
  • Emails - lists the Consumer-Facing Email that was sent for that transaction and it’s status. 

Subscription Detail Page

Select a subscription to see the subscription Order Detail page, which includes:

  • Overview
  • Record of Charges
  • Notification and Cancellation Information
  • Webhooks
  • Emails
  • Timeline
  • Notes

See Subscriptions for more details.

See Get Started With FastSpring for guidance to set up a complete store experience.