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GET /quotes/{id} - Retrieve a Quote


How to retrieve a quote using the GET /quotes{id} API endpoint

Using query parameters, the GET /quotes {id} endpoint can retrieve a single quote by it’s ID or list a collection of existing quotes that meet the custom search criteria.

  • GET /quotes/{id}

Request bodies are not provided for a Retrieve Quotes request. If a request body is provided, it will be ignored.

Example Response

  • "quote": {
       "id": "QU123XYZABC456DEF789GHI0123Q"
       "coupon": "5OFF", 
       "createdBy": {
         "company": "FastSpring",
         "email": "",
         "first": "Quote",
         "last": "Creator"
         "phone": "(805)123-4567"
       "created": 1621728000, 
       "createdDisplay": "2021-04-23 12:30:00" 
       "currency": "USD",
       "expirationDateDays": 30
       "expires": 1621773000, 
       "expiresDisplay": "2021-05-23", 
       fulfillmentTerm: "ON_PAYMENT",
       "items": [
          "path": "sample-product-from-catalog"
       "name": "Example json of a Quote Resource object",
       "notes": "Here are some notes for this quote.",
       "netTermsDays": 30,
       "quoteUrl": ""
       "recipient": {
         "email": "",
         "first": "Test",
         "last": "Customr",
         "company": "FastSpring,
         "phone": "(805)123-4567" 
       "recipientAddress": {
         "city": "Santa Barbara",
         "country": "US",
         "postalCode": "93101",
         "region": "CA",
         "streetLine1": "801 Garden Street",
         "streetLine2": "Ste. 201"
       "status": OPEN,
       "tags": {
          "key": "value"
       "taxId": null,
       "total": 100.00,
       "totalDisplay": "$100.00",
       "totalInPayoutCurrency": 100.00,
       "totalInPayoutCurrencyDisplay": "$100.00"

Fail to Retrieve Quote by ID

The request below failed to retrieve a quote by ID.

  • Request:
    GET /quotes/QU123XYZABC456
  • Response:
        "status": "NOT_FOUND",
        "timestamp": "22-06-2021 02:49:26",
        "id": "71b72b67-6d28-48f5-98bc-1e45618011ab",
        "message": "Resource does not exist.",
        "details": "Quote was not found for parameters {id=QU123XYZABC456}"

Get Open all Quotes

The example below retrieves all quotes with a status of OPEN .

  • GET /quotes?statuses=OPEN

Get Quotes within a Specified Date Range

The example request below retrieves the 25 most recently created quotes within a specified date range. 
  • GET /quotes?begin=YYYY-MM-DD&end=YYYY-MM-DD&size=25

Retrieve Quote Responses

Successful Responses

  • 200 Ok: A single quote is returned. 

Error Responses

  • 404 Not Found: Returned when the quote ID is not found. See the ErrorResponse for more information about which product path is invalid. 
  • 500 Server Error: Something went wrong on FastSpring’s side. See ErrorResponse for more details.