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How to enable Digital Invoicing in your Store, and User Roles and Permissions

Digital Invoicing will be available in the FastSpring App on June 30, 2021. To learn more about it, contact Sales for a demo.

Digital Invoicing enables you to manage your direct sales and B2B channels through independent creation and management of quotes and invoices without leaving the FastSpring App. This centralizes your quotes, invoices, and purchase orders within the App, enhancing your billing operations and order management capabilities.

When Digital Invoicing is enabled, you can:

  • Manage your ecommerce channel alongside your direct sales business. 
  • More easily communicate pricing and order information to B2B prospects. 
  • Simplify billing operations with fewer systems to retain more revenue.
  • Increase visibility across the entire business with centralized billing and payments.
  • Manage all products and orders in one place, increasing operational efficiency.

Access Digital Invoicing in your Store

Beginning on June 30, 2021 there will be a new page in the FastSpring App labeled Quotes. To access it, navigate to Sales > Quotes. From there, you can:

  • Create, edit, and send Quotes
  • Create, edit and send Invoices
  • Search for Quotes by Quote Name, Quote ID, Recipient Name, or Recipient Company 
  • Filter Quotes by their Status, Author, and Date

To hide the Quotes page, you can disable Quote Management within Store Settings > Invoicing.

Roles and Permissions

Roles that have access to the Quotes page include: Sales Representative, Store Order Support, Store Administrator, and Company Administrator. Each role has the ability to:

  • Create new quotes and see/manage quotes they've created.
  • See and manage orders that have been created from their quotes.
  • Create and manage custom orders, and orders created for them.

Accountants, Store Maintainers, Store Marketing, and Store Reporting roles do not have access to the Quotes page.

Sales Representative

We have introduced a new role, Sales Representative, which has all of the permissions listed above. Sales Representatives do not have access to Reports, Products Settings, Store Settings, Storefront Settings, or Coupons.

To add a Sales Representative to your Store:

  1. Log in to the FastSpring App. At the top, right corner of the Dashboard, click the drop-down with your Store Name. 
  2. Select Users. At the top, right corner of the Users page, select Add User
  3. In the Role drop-down, select Sales Representative for the Store you wish to add one to. If you have multiple Stores, make sure to select the role in the correct Store.
  4. Enter the Sales Representative’s name and email address. 
  5. Click Create.