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Order Search

You can search for all orders on record in the FastSpring App. This includes Test Orders, declined transactions, charges marked as fraudulent, as well as all active and previously successful orders in your Store. You can access specific transactions in the Orders page by searching for the record in the search bar, or applying relevant filters. 

Look up a customer's transaction record

  1. In the FastSpring App, navigate to Activity > Orders or Subscriptions.
  2. In the Search Orders and Subscriptions field, type in your search query for the order and press ENTER.

The search field is case-sensitive and will recognize any of the following criteria:

  • An exact order reference number (e.g., YES200311-7119-41114)
  • An order ID (e.g., QHfTm0AOQlWgx-Bt-C9ViA)
  • A subscription ID (e.g., cFJUR4PdSMCxkfFncrWQIF)
  • A customer's full  email addresslast name, or company name
  • The first 4 (or more) letters of the customer's last name or company name followed by an asterisk (e.g., if you are not sure whether it is spelled Anderson or Andersen, you could use Ande*)
  • A customer's email domain name, beginning with the @ symbol (e.g.,
  • The last 4 digits of a credit card number

By default, the search returns for the past 90 days. To search all history, select the Check to search all history checkbox on the search results page and click Search. Click any record in the search results to view the details of that item.

Applying Filters

You can use filters in the Orders page to search select specific types of transactions. You can apply multiple filters at a time to further refine your search. 

  • Status – By default, this is set to All. Select Completed, Cancelled, Failed, or Returns to return all orders with that status. 
  • Live or Test – If you are searching for an order you completed in your Test Store, select Test. Otherwise, select Live
  • Product – By default, this is set to Any Product, which includes products, bundles, and subscriptions. This filter sorts the product paths in alphabetical order. You can search for a specific path in the search bar at the top. Select all checkboxes that apply to your search. 
  • Date – Click the date drop-down to filter a specific date range of orders. You can select from the suggested ranges, or create your own. Click Apply.