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Creating a Cross-sell with a Product Offer


Create a cross-sell offer on a product.

Use Product Offers in FastSpring to display additional cross-sell suggestions when a customer selects a product to purchase.


  • Set up the initial/driving product and the accompanying cross-sell products in your Store.
  • If you use a Popup Storefront, the optional cart can display cross-sell offers. However, no more than ten products can appear as cross-sell offers via the Popup Storefront cart. Also, if you offer more than one cross-sell group for the items in the cart, only the Display text from the first group appears in the Popup cart.

Best Practices with Cross-Sells

A cross-sell suggestion should be related to the selected item so that the customer chooses to buy more than the production they initially select.

Avoid offering cross-sell products that increase the overall order total by more than 25%, offering cross-sell products that are unfamiliar to customers, or offering too many cross-sell products. Any of these scenarios may overwhelm customers and decrease your overall conversion rates. Cross-selling tends to work best when cross-sell products are a maximum of half the price of the original product and are offered on lower-priced products. Consider products that work well together for cross-sell suggestions.

Create a Cross-Sell Offer

  1. From the FastSpring App, select the Products menu and then select ProductsBundles, or Subscriptions according to the type of product for which you want to create a cross-sell offer.
  2. Select the product, bundle, or subscription that is to trigger the cross-sell offer when selected by a customer.
  3. In the Related Offers section of the product details, click Add New > Add Product Offer.
  4. In the Add Product Offer window, keep the the Cross-sell radio button selected.
  5. In the Display field, enter an optional message to appear along with the cross-sell offer. Click the language drop-down menu and enter a translated message in each desired language.
    • Some suggestions for the Display field include "We Also Recommend," "May We Suggest," and "Frequently Bought Together."
  6. The Placement field is only applicable when you offer more than one cross-sell group for the same product, bundle, or subscription. You can use the Placement field to control the sequence in which the cross-sell groups appear on the Web Storefront. Position #1 would be the topmost among all cross-sell offers; Position #2 would come next, and so on. When you are setting up the first cross-sell offer for a product, only Position #1 is available in this field.
  7. In the Products field, begin typing the title of the product that to appear as a cross-sell offer. You can specify an original product or a product variation (e.g., if you want to offer a discount to motivate customers to add the cross-sell item). Search results instantly appear just under the Products field and are updated each time you type a character.

  8. Select the product from the drop-down search results below the field. You can repeat this process to add additional products as cross-sell offers.


    If you select a product variation that uses a reduced price to motivate customers to accept the cross-sell offer, you might want to prevent the reduced-priced item from being purchased by itself. To ensure that this cannot happen, select an item that has a status of . That way, if a customer removes the current, cross-sell triggering product from the cart, the reduced-price item is also removed automatically.

    • You can also click Remove if you make a mistake or need to change the product to you are offering as a cross-sell.
    • If you select the Pre-selected checkbox next to the product, the cross-sell item will be added to the cart automatically when a customer selects the product you are editing. Doing this would increase the order subtotal to include both the product you are editing and the cross-sell product. Customers would have to click Remove if they do not want to purchase the cross-sell item. 
  9. Click Save to complete the process.
The Related Offers section now shows a Cross-sell field, as shown below. You can click Edit to edit the offer.

Example Cross-Sell

After you set up a cross-sell offer, it will appear on your Web Storefronts whenever a customer selects the product.

To control the placement of the cross-sell offerings on Web Storefront, navigate to Storefronts > Web Storefronts > Settings (for your selected Storefront) > Promotions.

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