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Integrating Cryptlex


This article explains how to integrate Cryptlex with your FastSpring Store.

Cryptlex is a cloud-based licensing solution that provides license, identity, and software release management. Cryptlex allows you to license and distribute your desktop apps, mobile apps, on-premise software, IoT apps, and other digital goods.


This Cryptlex integration does not support subscription-based licensing. If you need a subscription-based licensing solution, please contact Cryptlex.


Cryptlex is a third-party solution, not provided or supported by FastSpring.


Integrating Cryptlex with FastSpring

You can sign up for a free Cryptlex account and integrate their service with FastSpring.


FastSpring App Setup

To integrate with Cryptlex, you need to set up a license fulfillment action in the FastSpring App. The fulfillment action issues a license on a product, to appear on the completion page and in customers' receipt email messages (by default).

  1. Select the Products menu and the Products tab if it is not selected already.
  2. Click the product to which you want to add a license fulfillment, to open the product details.
  3. In the Fulfillment section of the product details, click Add New Fulfillment.

  4. In the Add Fulfillment Action dialog, select Generate a License.
  5. In the resulting drop-down list, select Script (PHP or JavaScript).

  6. Click Next at the lower right-hand corner of the page.
  7. Select the desired options for the Output Format and License Name, and ensure that the Script Type is set to PHP. Then, click Create.

  8. In the Script Source Code (PHP) field, replace the existing placeholder content by copying and pasting in the PHP script found at the following URL: 
    URL for the PHP script

  9. Edit the script to replace the following placeholders with the information from your Cryptlex account:

  10. Click  near the top right-hand corner of the page.


For Further Assistance

In case you need assistance integrating with Cryptlex, please contact Cryptlex's support team here.


More Information

You can find more information about Cryptlex at