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Link to Product Pages


Links from your webpages, social media, and other marketing messages can send customers directly to the Product Page for a specific product.

A Product Page link automatically selects the specified product, bundle, or subscription and adds it to the cart. See also Linking to Your Storefronts.

Find Product Page Links for a Specific Product, Bundle or Subscription

  1. In the FastSpring App, navigate to the Products menu and select ProductsBundles, or Subscriptions.
  2. Click within the row for a product, bundle, or subscription.
  3. In the details page, click the CHECKOUT LINKS command near the bottom of the item.

Checkout Links Options

  • Select the radio button for Web Storefront or Popup Storefront links
  • Select an alternative Storefront from the drop-down, if applicable
  • Choose a Live or Test URL and click Open to Product Page in your web browser with its link or preview the Popup Storefront
  • The Product Page portion of the URL appears to the right of the selector for the currently-selected product, bundle, or subscription.
  • If the selected product, bundle, or subscription is marked  then the selector will not be available in the Live row and only Storefronts that are online appear in the Live row
  • To place a test order, use the shown test credit card number and CVV code

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