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Manage FastSpring-Hosted Download Links


Control your individual file downloads that are hosted by FastSpring.

FastSpring can host downloadable files as a fulfillment option, such as installer files or PDFs. FastSpring-hosted files provide you control over the download fulfillment for each order. Alternatively, you can use a static URL for an external download location that does not include download control.


When a customer purchases a product that includes a download file fulfillment hosted by FastSpring, their order completion page and email receipt include a download button with a unique, temporary download link. Your customers can also access their download button via their Account Management site. If the order includes more than one product with a download file fulfillment, each product has its own unique download button for the order.

By default, download links are valid for seven days from the date of the order. To see the expiration date for a particular customer’s download button, navigate to the order details and hover over the File link under Item Details for the product.

Click the File link to access additional details about the download link:

  • Name
  • Size
  • Expires
  • Last Accessed
  • Total Attempts
  • Distribution URL

 EDS Note

For orders that include the optional Extended Download Service (EDS), the expiration date for eligible product download links is one year from the date of the order instead of using the default duration.

Upon request, FastSpring Support can change the default download duration for all products in your Store to as short as three days, a longer duration, or to never expire. . To request a change to the default download duration for your Store, submit a support ticket. Changing the default download duration does not affect download link duration for previous orders.

Resend a customer’s email receipt if they need a copy to access their download link:

  1. Navigate to the order details and scroll down to the Emails section
  2. Click anywhere in the Successful Order row
  3. In the Email dialog, click Resend


If you resend the receipt email message for an order whose download link(s) have expired, the expired download link(s) are automatically reset to the default duration.

After a download link expires or is deactivated, it will no longer function and will result in an error 404 (file not found). 

Reset a download link to restart for the default download duration or deactivate a download link to immediately disable it:

  1. Navigate to the order details and click the File link under Item Details
  2. On the file detail page, click Options menu in the top right corner of the page
  3. Click Reset or Deactivate

To reactivate a download link, click Options > Activate on the file detail page.