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Multi-Discount Coupons


Learn about how you can apply various discounts within one promotional code 

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With Multi-Discount Coupons, you can configure up to 10 discounts in the same coupon code. This is beneficial for promotions that include separate offers for individual products.

For example, if you create a CYBERMONDAY coupon for your Cyber Monday sale, you can use a single coupon code to include a discount of 15% for your monthly subscription, and a discount of $25 off an annual subscription.

Within each discount, you can customize:

  • The discounted amount for each currency, or the discounted percentage
  • The duration of the discount, if applied to subscriptions
  • The product(s) to which the discount applies

When configuring the Multi-Discount Coupon, you can include 1 discount that is configured without products. This discount will apply to all products in the consumer's order, except the products configured with separate discounts. For those products, the discount in which that product is configured applies. To apply multiple discounts to one product, see below. 

You can configure additional discounts to apply to individual products in your Store. There is no limit to the number of products to which you can apply each discount, however you cannot apply multiple discounts to the same product. If a discount has a specified product, that discount will be applied to the product, regardless of the other discounts in the coupon.

Create a Multi-Discount Coupon

  1. In the FastSpring App, navigate to Coupons > Create Coupon. Apply a Coupon ID, Amount or Percent Off, and a Coupon Code to configure the coupon. See Create a Coupon for more information. 
  2. Click Add. After the coupon is created, click Edit Discount. A popup appears. 
  3. In the first field, select Percent Off or Amount Off depending on the type of discount you want to configure. Type in the discount amount. 
  4. In the Products field, type in the product paths and select the products you would like to apply the existing coupon to. 
  5. In the Duration field, enter the number of billing periods to which the coupon applies. This field does not apply to single-purchase products. 
  6. Select Add Discount to incorporate additional discounts in the coupon. 
  7. Repeat steps 3-6 to configure up to 10 discounts within the coupon. 
  8. In the Applied Discount Reason field, optionally enter a customer-facing reason for the discount. 
  9. Save your changes. 

After multiple discounts are applied to the coupon, it will be marked with a gray Multi Discount Coupon tag in the Coupons page.

Applying Multiple Discounts to One Product

To apply multiple discounts to one product, select the Combine Discounts checkbox when editing a coupon. This allows you to use a coupon and a product-level discount in the same offer. The product-level discount will be applied first, and then the coupon configured for the product. If you do not select the Combine Discounts checkbox, and a product with a configured product-level discount is included in the consumer’s order, FastSpring applies the larger discount.

When applying multiple discounts to a subscription, the discount that has an infinite period count will be applied instead of the other discount. To apply both discounts, we recommend configuring finite periods for each.


Checkout Experience

When a consumer checks out with that coupon code, each relevant discount will be applied to their order. Consumers will be billed full-price for products that are not configured as part of the Multi-Discount Coupon.

After completing the payment process, consumers can view the invoice, which displays the total discounted amount. In your Orders page, each individual coupon will be reflected in the order.


API + Webhooks

Multi-Discount Coupons are fully compatible with the FastSpring API and Webhooks. With the FastSpring API, you can create and view Multi-Discount Coupons. The /orders and /subscriptions endpoints will reflect the correct discount amounts if a Multi-Discount Coupon is used. The order.completed and subscription.activated webhooks will also reflect this activity.

In the example below, the JSON creates a 10% off coupon for SubscriptionA for 3 periods, and a $5 discount for all other products:

  •  {
    "coupon": "coupon-id",
    "hasMultiDiscount": true,
    "discounts": [{"type": "percent", "percent": 10, "products":["subscriptionA"], "discountPeriodCount":3}, {"type": "flat", "amount": {"USD": 5}}], "codes": ["exampleCode"],