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Online and Offline Storefronts


This article compares the behavior of Online and Offline Storefronts.

Each Storefront has a green or gray indicator that specifies whether it is Online or Offline. Click this indicator to switch your Storefront on or offline. 

Offline Storefronts

When a Storefront is set to Offline, it is in Test Mode, during which you can place and access test orders through the Storefront. Attempting to access the Live URL for a Storefront in Test Mode results in a 404 (Not Found) error. 

Default Storefronts remain offline until they are activated by FastSpring support. It is recommended to finalize all settings before activation, as they are simpler to modify while offline. You can test purchases and customize the storefront settings while the storefront is offline. 

Test Mode Storefronts:

  • Contain ‘test’ in the URL (for example: )
  • Accept test orders
  • Do not accept live consumer orders
  • Reflect changes immediately after you refresh since pages are not cached
  • May have slower performance than Live Storefronts since pages are not cached

Online Storefronts

When a Storefront is Online, you can access both the Live Storefront and the Test Storefront. You can place real orders on the Live Storefront and test orders on the Test Storefront. When a Live Storefront is set to Online and you want to place a test order, add '.test' in the URL before '' or click through the provided test links. Do not place test orders through a Live Online Store.

Live Storefronts:

  • Do not accept test orders
  • Accept live consumer orders
  • May take several minutes to reflect changes since pages are cached
  • May have faster performance than a Test Mode Storefront

Test Orders on Online Storefronts

To test Online Storefronts, add .test to the beginning of your Store domain. For example, if your Storefront URL is, navigate to the URL to make test orders. If this Storefront is currently offline, the URL will not work. 

See Test Orders for more information. 

Edit an Online Storefront

To make changes to an online Storefront, select More > Copy, and copy it to a new, Offline Storefront. Use the Offline Storefront to edit and preview your adjustments until you are satisfied. Then, copy it to the Online Storefront when you are finished. This method saves you from taking your store offline, which would inhibit it from processing orders.

For full instructions, see Edit Online Storefronts.