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Products, Bundles and Subscriptions


Use FastSpring to sell digital products, bundles, and subscriptions.

Set up your product data first via the Products menu and then adjust the way your products display via the Storefronts menu. You do not need to manage multiple copies of a single product to have it display in multiple ways.

  • Product Data via the Products menu: Control product data and behavior, including product name, product image, price, short description, long description, label of the product's action button, which other products appear as cross-sells, and fulfillment options
  • Product Display via the Storefronts menu: Control the way products are displayed, including all visual aspects of the product other than the base product image, size of the product image on the Homepage, color of the product's link, size of the font used for the product's link, and placement of the product's cross-sell offerings
Products fit into one of three primary classifications:
  • Products - An individual, standalone product or service for which customers pay a single flat price or fee for perpetual use of the product or serviceProducts generally fit into one of three primary classifications:
  • Bundles - A collection of individual, standalone products or services that are available for purchase at a single, combined flat price or fee for perpetual use of the associated products or services
  • Subscriptions - A product or service for which customers make more than one payment, usually on a recurring basis or a pre-defined time-limited basis (e.g., as part of a payment plan).

Fulfillment Options and Notifications

When a customer completes an order, FastSpring (or you) must provide the purchased product to the customer. The process of delivering the product to the customer is called “fulfillment”. Several fulfillment options are available for digital products. Depending on your software or service and the licensing mechanism it uses (if any), you can instruct FastSpring to issue a license key in a variety of ways:

  • request a license key from an external server in real-time during order processing
  • issue a license key from a pre-uploaded list
  • execute a custom JavaScript or PHP code snippet to generate a license key

FastSpring can also host your product download and serve the download file to buyers as needed.

In case your product is software as a service, FastSpring can notify you in near-real-time about new orders, returns, and subscription updates, via our webhooks feature. FastSpring also sends email receipts and other related messages to your buyers via the customer notifications feature.

Items not allowed for sale through FastSpring

The FastSpring Terms of Use prohibit the sales of the following types of content, products, and services:

  • Adult or other inappropriate material
  • Tobacco
  • Pharma Sales
  • Gambling
  • Hate/Violence
  • 3rd Party Processing
Any account determined to be associated with any form of illegal activity, in addition to being frozen, will be reported to the appropriate local and/or international authorities. Thank you for complying with our policy.

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