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Contents of Event Payload

Name Type Description
quote string Internal quote ID of the quote associated with the failed fulfillment
quoteName string Name of the quote
changed string Updated time in milliseconds
changedInSeconds string Updated time in milliseconds
changedDisplay string The date in which the quote changed
changedTimeDisplay string Time in which the quote changed
type string Type of quote that was generated: Self-Serve or Assisted
updatedBy string The email address of the sales representative or seller who updated the quote
reason string Will say “Quote Created” for this webhook
creator string Email of the seller who created this quote
quoteStatus string The current status of the quote: Open, Pending Payment, Completed, Expired, or Canceled
language string Two-character ISO code for the language associated with the quote
quoteCurrency string Three-character ISO code for the order currency
quoteURL string The prospect-facing URL of the quote
account string FastSpring-generated customer account ID
coupon array The Coupon ID applied to the quote
total string Total amount
totalDisplay string Total amount with currency
tax string Tax amount
taxDisplay string Tax amount with currency
subtotal string Subtotal amount
subtotalDisplay string Subtotal with currency
discount string Total Discount on the product/products in the quote
discountDisplay string Discount with currency
recipient object Details of the prospect
recipient.first string The prospect’s first name
recipient.last string The prospect's last name string The prospect’s email address string The company that the prospect associates with string The prospect’s phone number
recipient.vatID string The prospect’s VAT ID (if applicable)
address object The prospect’s physical address
fulfillmentSetting string Type of fulfillment
notes string Notes added while creating the quote
tags object Tags added while creating the quote
items object A list of the items included in the quote
items.product string product path/product ID of the product in the quote
items.quantity string quantity of the current product in this transaction
items.display string prospect-facing Display name of the product
items.subtotal string Subtotal of the specific item
items.subtotalDisplay string Subtotal with currency string Discount on particular item
items.discountDisplay string Discount with currency

 Sample Payload:

  • {
       "quoteName":"Quote for Company",
       "changedTimeDisplay":"00:16:32 UTC",
       "Reason":"Quote Created",
          "addressLine1":"123 Main St",
          "city":"SANTA BARBARA",
          "display":"123 Main St, SANTA BARBARA, California, 93101, US"
       "fulfillmentSetting":"ON PAYMENT",
       "notes":"Terms & Conditions of Sale",
             "display":"Active Product",