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This article provides information about the quote.updated webhook

The quote.updated webhook is fired anytime a quote is updated. The reason field indicates the reason that the webhook was fired.

Reasons for Firing the Webhook

  • Quote Expired - The Quote status changed from Open to Expired.
  • Quote Canceled - The Quote status changed from Open to Canceled.
  • Quote Accepted - The Quote status changed from Open to Pending Payment. This means that the Quote has been accepted, however the prospect has not yet paid. This can happen when the buyer or seller generates an invoice instead of clicking Pay Now
  • Quote Completed - The Quote status changed from Open to Completed. This indicates that the prospect accepted the Quote and made a payment.
  • Quote Modified via App - A FastSpring user updated the Quote’s details using the FastSpring UI.
  • Quote Modified via API - A FastSpring user updates the Quote’s details via the /quotes API.

Contents of Event Payload

quotestringInternal quote ID of the quote associated with the failed fulfillment
quoteNamestringName of the quote
changedstringUpdated in milliseconds
changedInSecondsstringUpdated in milliseconds
changedDisplaystringThe date in which the quote changed
changedTimeDisplaystringTime in which the quote changed
typestringType of quote that was generated: Self-Serve or Assisted
updatedBystringThe email address of the sales representative or seller who updated the quote
orderstringInternal order ID
order referencestringOrder Reference Number
order statusstringThe current status of the order. Possible values include:
invoiceURLstringURL of the customer-facing invoice for this order
reasonstringReason approval is required for the order
creatorstringThe email address of the person who created the quote
quoteStatusstringThe current status of the quote. Possible values include:
languagestringTwo-character ISO code for the language associated with the quote
quoteCurrencystringThree-character ISO code for the order currency
quoteURLstringThe prospect-facing URL of the quote
accountstringFastSpring-generated customer account ID
couponarrayThe Coupon ID applied to the quote
recipientarrayDetails of the prospect
recipient.firststringThe prospect's first name
recipient.laststringThe prospect's last name
recipient.emailstringThe prospect's email address
recipient.companystringThe company that the prospect associates with
recipient.phonestringThe prospect's phone number
recipient.vatIDstringtThe prospect’s VAT ID (if applicable)
addressarrayThe prospect’s physical address
fulfillmentSettingstringDisplays the fulfillment type
notesstringNotes added while creating the quote
tagsobjectTags added while creating the quote
itemsarrayA list of the items included in the quote
items.productstringproduct path/product ID of the product in the quote
items.quantitystringquantity of the current product in this transaction
items.displaystringprospect-facing Display name of the product
items.subtotalstringSubtotal of the specific item
items.subtotalDisplaystringSubtotal with currency
items.discountstringDiscount on particular item
items.discountDisplaystringDiscount with currency

Sample Payload:

  • {
       "quoteName":"Quote for Company",
       "changedTimeDisplay":"00:24:18 UTC",
       "order reference":"SAL210409-7545-63119",
       "order status":"AWAITING_PAYMENT",
       "Reason":"Quote Accepted",
          "addressLine1":"123 Main St",
          "city":"SANTA BARBARA",
          "display":"123 Main St, SANTA BARBARA, California, 93101, US"
       "fulfillmentSetting":"ON PAYMENT",
       "notes":"Terms & Conditions of Sale",
             "display":"Active Product",