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Re-sending Email Messages and Webhooks for Orders and Subscriptions


This article describes how to re-send customer-facing email messages and server webhook events for existing orders and subscriptions.

On the details page of an order record or a subscription record in the Dashboard, you can see lists of all email messages and webhook events that have been sent for the selected order or subscription. In addition to viewing the summarized history of email messages and webhook events, you can also do the following:

  • Re-send individual email messages
  • View the payloads of individual webhook events (and copy and paste if desired)
  • Re-post individual webhook events

To view the complete history of email messages and webhooks for an order or a subscription, begin by accessing the details of the order or subscription in question. You can search for an order from the main page of the Dashboard or via the Activity menu.

Once you have accessed the details of the order or subscription, scroll down to the Webhooks and Emails sections of the page. They appear just above the Timeline section at the bottom of the page.


To Re-send Individual Email Messages

  1. In the Emails section, click anywhere in the row of the message you want to re-send. A popup dialog appears showing the details of the message.

  2. Click RESEND to re-send the message. The message is re-sent immediately, and a confirmation appears at the bottom of the popup dialog.



To View the Payloads of Individual Webhook Events and Re-post Them

  1. In the Webhooks section, identify the webhook event whose payload you want to view or re-post. The Event column indicates the type of event that occurred. The Webhook column shows the name of the webhook configuration for which the event was posted (if the configuration has a name).


    The following illustrates the webhook name shown on Integrations -> Webhooks.

  2. Click anywhere in the row of the event you want to view or re-post. A popup dialog appears showing the details of the event, including the entire JSON payload for the event. You can scroll down to view or copy the entire payload from this dialog.

  3. Click RESEND to re-post the event to the URL or endpoint configured for the webhook on Integrations -> Webhooks. The event is re-posted immediately, and a confirmation message appears at the bottom of the popup dialog.



About Unsuccessful Webhook Event Postings

In case FastSpring was unable to successfully post an event (based on the response from your server), the name of the event appears in red in the Webhooks section of the order details.

When you drill into the event details, the date/time line appears with a red background.

You can still re-post the event just as you could for a successful post. FastSpring also automatically retries all failed webhook event posts every ten minutes for up to 24 hours or until we receive a success response.