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Refunding Orders


This article explains how to process returns and refunds.

See also: Refund Policy.

To refund an order, log in to the Dashboard for the Store where the order was processed. A search box appears.


When you process a full refund on an order, FastSpring refunds the buyer and retains the order fee charged on the original transaction.


If you need to refund an order fully, you can also perform a refund by posting to the /returns endpoint of the FastSpring API.

Order Search

Use the Order Search to find the order you want to refund.

Enter the order information and then press Enter or Return on your keyboard to execute the search.

Order Search Criteria

Order and subscription searches are case insensitive, and you can search for an order by entering any of the following:

  • An exact order reference number (e.g., YOU200220-7481-39118)
  • A customer's full email address (e.g.,
  • A customer's email domain name, beginning with the @ sign (e.g.,
  • A customer's exact last name (e.g., Anderson) Note: You cannot search by a customer's full name.
  • The beginning letters (at least four letters, followed by *) of a customer's last name (e.g., ande*)
  • The customer's exact company name (e.g., FastSpring)
  • The beginning letters (at least four letters, followed by *) of a company name (e.g., Fast*)
  • For credit card orders, the last 4 digits of the credit card number (e.g., 4321)

Refund Process

It takes under a minute to refund an order. After you have found the order you want to refund, click Return/Refund Order in the Payments and Returns section of the order details.

Select the Return Type.

  • Full Return refunds the entire order's purchase price.
  • Line Item Return lets you choose one or more lines from the original order to be fully refunded, without affecting the other lines.
  • Partial Amount Refund refunds a portion of the original price of an order. As an example, suppose a customer notifies you that she forgot to enter a coupon code during the order process. (Note: Enter the refund amount before/without sales tax, VAT or GST. FastSpring calculates and refunds applicable taxes automatically (based on the value entered).

Complete the Reason and Notification section of the refund process.

  • Choose the Reason Type from the drop-down menu.
  • Optionally, enter a Reason Note to provide additional information about the refund, which will be visible to the customer. The maximum length of the Reason Note is 250 characters.
  • Under Customer Notification, choose whether or not you want to send your customer an email notification about the refund. The default value is Notify Original Contact, which means FastSpring will send the customer an email message.

Click Next.

On the next page, review the return details. If the order you are returning included a subscription product, the Cancel Related Subscriptions checkbox (not pictured) is selected by default. If you want to leave the subscription active despite the refund, click to unselect this checkbox. If everything is correct, click CONFIRM. Should you need to change anything, click OPTIONS and select Cancel from the drop-down menu.

Once you click CONFIRM, a pop-up appears notifying you that returns are not reversible. Click OK to confirm the return again.

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