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Sales: Events, Orders and Subscriptions


This article describes the features of the Sales menu in the FastSpring App.

The Sales menu consists of three tabs: Events, Orders, and Subscriptions. In each tab you can search Orders and Subscriptions via the search bar at the top of the page. From there, you can manage events as well as order and subscription records.


The Events tab lists Sales of all types. Examples include new orders, refunds, new subscriptions, subscription billings, subscription cancellations, and changes to existing subscriptions. Click any item to view its details.


The Orders tab lists transaction sales and includes multiple tabs across the top of the page.

All Orders Tab

This page lists all Orders and includes information on their Status, Product, Amount, Reference and Time.

  • Status - marks the status of the transaction, including a Test tag if an order is not live.
  • Product - lists the Display Name of the purchased product
  • Amount - records the transaction amount for each Order
  • Reference - includes the consumer's name, email address, and Order Reference. If the order is unsuccessful, this field includes the reason.
  • Time - records the date and time of the Order.

To filter the page to include orders with a specific status, select the All drop-down below the All Orders tab. The list of orders is automatically filtered to match the selected criterion.

Awaiting Payment

This tab shows orders that consumers have not yet paid for. These can include orders that will be paid with bank transfers, and approved but unpaid Invoices.

Pending Approval

This tab lists orders that are pending your approval, such as purchase order transactions that you have not accepted or rejected yet.

Custom Orders

This tab shows Custom Orders that you have created for specific consumers. Examples include pre-loaded carts, coupons, price overrides and custom order tags. You can provide the URLs for custom orders to consumers so that they can enter payment information and complete the order processing with minimal effort on their part.


On the Subscriptions page, you can directly access subscriptions to view details including:
  • Status - marks the status of the transaction. This also lists Test indicators for subscriptions that are not yet live, as well as Free Trial, Canceled, and Deactivated indicators to record the current status of each Subscription.
  • Created - the date that the Subscription was created
  • Customer - lists the name and email address of the consumer
  • Product - the Subscription’s Display Name
  • Amount - the country-specific amount charged to the consumer for the Subscription, including the currency used, and frequency of billing
  • Next Charge - the charge amount and date of the next billing. For inactive Subscriptions, this lists the last date the Subscription was active.

To filter each of these categories, use the corresponding drop-down selectors at the top of the Subscriptions tab.

Charges Tab

The Charges tab allows you to apply additional filters to the charges and transactions that are associated with subscriptions. On this tab, you cannot filter by the Status since that field displays transactions rather than subscriptions.