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Setup Checklist


This article provides a checklist to help you get ready to go live with your FastSpring Store.

Now that you have an understanding of the FastSpring concepts, it is time to start setting up your Store and Storefronts.

After logging in, your FastSpring Dashboard is displayed. The Dashboard lets you see the status of your Store at a glance, including the amount you can expect to receive at your next FastSpring distribution. The Dashboard is just the initial page of the FastSpring App. Using the FastSpring App, you can update Store and Storefront settings and add and update products. Once you start processing orders, you can also view the order details via the FastSpring App.

There are three steps to configuring your FastSpring Store: 


Create Your Products

The first step of the setup process is to your Products, including the products' fulfillments. Product creation is one of the most critical parts of the process. Once you have created your products, you can add the products to your Storefront and configure how they appear to your customers.

Within the Products menu, you define and configure your product catalog. FastSpring supports three options based on how you sell your products:

  • Non-recurring payment products have a one-time purchase price. The customer pays a one-time single price for the item and should be able to access and use the product immediately upon completing a purchase. Depending on the type of product, this may involve issuing a license key, providing a product download, or supplying other types of fulfillment.
  • Subscription products typically have an ongoing payment schedule. The customer pays a specific amount at intervals that you specify when configuring the product. FastSpring processes these recurring payments automatically and sends notifications to the customer.
  • Bundles are a set of products that are purchased together for one price. The price of the bundle overrides the combined prices of the individual products. As with other non-subscription products, fulfillment actions should be configured for your bundle so that the customer can access the bundled products immediately upon completion of the purchase.


If using the default base currency of USD (US dollars), FastSpring adds any applicable taxes to the price entered. Therefore, you should enter the base price should as net without the tax included. Review Currencies, Conversions, and Taxes before adding prices to your products.

Next, you should fine-tune your Storefront design.


Fine-Tune Your Storefront Design

The Storefronts menu provides options for you to customize the customer experience when purchasing your products. There are two types of Storefronts available, each with distinct characteristics. The following articles can help you make a decision on which method will best meet your needs:

When you are ready, click the Storefronts menu and select the type of Storefront you want to customize.

With the customization options in each Storefront's Settings, you can control the design of your Storefront. Each Storefront type has multiple settings that allow you to determine the size, placement, color, font, and behavior of the Storefront. At a minimum, you should upload your company logo to appear on your Storefront and in customer-facing email messages. Before you start making changes to the design, run a test of the Storefront using the default settings. Performing a test provides you with a base view of the Storefront. From there, you can update the design of the webpages to provide a unique customer experience for your ecommerce website.

 Popup Storefronts - whitelisting websites

Please consider reading Adding a Popup Storefront to Your Website and familiarize yourself with the Store Builder Library if you are planning to use Popup Storefronts for checkout. Before you can start testing and using Popup Storefronts, you need to whitelist the domain(s) of all websites that will use a Popup Storefront. Web pages residing on domains that are not explicitly whitelisted cannot open Popup Storefronts.

Once you have customized your Storefront, create links to it from existing websites, apps, or social media. Your Storefront has a URL composed of a domain name provided by FastSpring followed by "" Our article Getting Started With FastSpring contains an overview of the URLs used with FastSpring Stores. You can find more details and specific naming conventions in Linking to Your Storefronts

Now that you have created your products and fine-tuned your Storefront design, you are almost ready for Store activation.


Await Store Activation

Before your Store can go live and begin processing real customer transactions, the Store must be activated. Once you have met the minimum requirements for Store activation, our account review team will automatically review your account. If everything looks good, your Store will be activated automatically. Otherwise, we may email you with a status update or a request for more information.

The criteria for automatic account review are as follows:

  • Your Store must have at least one product configured.
  • Each of your non-subscription products must have at least one fulfillment action (such as downloads or license keys) configured. Since the customer may be charged for his or her purchase immediately, we are obligated to provide the product or service to the customer immediately upon completion of the purchase. 
  • You have provided us with your address and accepted your contract. You can access this process by clicking the Store menu at the top right-hand corner of any page in the FastSpring App, and then clicking Account Summary.

  • Then, click the link in "Click here to review and sign your online contract".

 Check out our guided walk-through

Would you like to have the system walk you through accepting your contract? Click here.

In the meantime, here are a couple of things you can do to ensure that the account review process goes as smoothly as possible:

  • Your product names must specifically identify what the customer is purchasing. As the merchant and seller of record, FastSpring is the party selling your product or service to the customer. Therefore, for compliance, risk, and policy reasons, we have to know exactly what we are selling. Here are some examples of acceptable and unacceptable product names:
GoldSecurity Suite Gold
StandardAcme Download Manager Standard Monthly Subscription
  • We need to be able to find detailed product information on your website. Our account review team looks at the website URL that you provided when creating the account. Ideally, this should provide product pages where we can find out exactly what the products are and how you plan to sell them (e.g., one-time purchases or monthly subscriptions). If you have not yet finished updating your new website to include detailed product information, you may want to work on this while awaiting Store activation. If we cannot find sufficiently detailed product information on your website, we may be unable to activate your Store for live transactions. Once you have added the necessary details to your site, we can review your site again.

 Next Steps

Now that you have completed the setup of your products and customized your Storefronts, you are ready to test your FastSpring Store.

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