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About Store Builder Library


This article provides an overview of the Store Builder Library.

FastSpring's Store Builder Library (SBL) is a JavaScript library that advanced users can use to add ecommerce features to a website. For example, SBL can provide a simple way to display prices to visitors in their local currencies. As another example, you can use SBL to create a complete, full-featured cart that blends with your website design. 

Here are some of the great things you can do with SBL:

  • Display products created in your FastSpring Store right on your website with localized prices and descriptions
  • Use the library to apply coupons, add products to the cart, and populate customer information to expedite the checkout process.
  • Use the library to provide customers the ability to pay using a Popup Storefront.



Using the library is similar to using Google Analytics scripts or integrating with Facebook's SDK. You must have basic HTML and JavaScript knowledge to get started. 

Once referenced on your webpage and configured, the library provides you with two ways of interacting with data:

  • "Simple" – By using simple "markup" parameters, you can enable links on the page to add items to the cart, initiate checkout, apply coupon codes, and more. This approach is usually enough for scenarios like applying a coupon code before redirecting to checkout or displaying localized prices. For more information, refer to Accessing the Library and Data from HTML.
  • "Advanced" – By using callbacks provided by the library, you can get raw cart and order data and create a full-featured storefront on your website. You can display cart contents to customers and utilize data to build a custom ecommerce experience. For more information, refer to Accessing the Library from Javascript.

Whichever way you choose, you need to get started by referencing the library on your page and making sure that the data is loading successfully.

Store Builder Library Resources

Check out our interactive, hands-on examples at We encourage you to explore the page for implementation guidance before starting your integration.


We also maintain helpful examples of what you can achieve using the Store Builder Library at

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