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Learn the difference between Stores and Storefronts.

Difference Between Stores and Storefronts


  • When you sign up at, you get a new account with one Store.
  • FastSpring Support can create additional Stores in your account if needed.
  • Your FastSpring Store can consist of one or more Storefronts.
  • Defines your products, offers, promotions, email design, default currency, and other major settings.
  • When you migrate from Classic Commerce to Contextual Commerce, your account will have a new Store added to the FastSpring App.

When is it a good idea to create a new Store?
We recommend different Stores for B2C and B2B products, different sets of products, or different access rights. There is no need to create a new Store for a different look and feel or a checkout flow. You can control all the visual aspects of the purchase process and customer experience via Storefronts.


  • Defines the web interface presented to customers with options to override many Store settings.
  • Has a distinct URL (usually similar to 
  • Can be very different than other Storefronts in the same Store, depending on the type of checkout process used.
  • Can be Online and accessible through a test or live URL or Offline and accessible only through a test URL. 
  • See Ways To Checkout With FastSpringWhen to use Multiple Storefronts, and Test your FastSpring Store

Storefronts give you a range of possibilities in grouping, presenting, and selling your products. The default Storefront is ready for use. You can customize a Storefront to resemble your website or tweak its behavior using a simple set of available adjustments. You can copy a Storefront or create a new Storefront to have additional Storefronts within a Store. Also see When Should You Use Multiple Storefronts?

 What is a Path?

Each Storefront is available by a direct link that consists of the domain containing your Store's base URL (often the same as your FastSpring company ID) and a Path. You can access your default Storefront via https:// base and all additional Storefronts add a Path consisting of up to a few additional words.

For example, if your company name is "yourexamplestore", then a Storefront created for a holiday special might have a link of - in this case, "holiday" is considered a Path. Also see Linking to Your Storefronts.

In this example, the "holiday" Storefront might contain product variations with discounts created explicitly for this Storefront. Linking to this Storefront allows your visitors to purchase items with the discounts while your regular Storefront remains intact.

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