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Testing Your FastSpring Store


This article provides instructions on how to test your FastSpring Store.

Customers access your FastSpring Store using a set of specific URLs (see Linking to Your Storefronts for more information).
  • For Web Storefronts, you can use specific URLs to direct customers to your Storefront's Homepage or individual product pages.
  • When implementing a Popup Storefront, you embed its URL into your page(s), along with the code that loads the library required for the Storefront.

Using test versions of your Web Storefront URLs, you can test the Homepage and individual product pages. You can access the URLs by clicking the Storefronts menu of the FastSpring App, and then clicking the Links command for each Web Storefront. You can also find the URLs via the Checkout Links command of each product on the Products menu.


Testing a Web Storefront

Once you have configured your Web Storefront and added at least one product to the Homepage, you can test the Storefront's configuration. The test Storefront includes the product names, icons, descriptions, and prices (including discounts, upsells and cross-sells) for the products that you have added to the Storefront's Homepage. For each Storefront on the Web Storefronts tab of the Storefronts menu, clicking the Links command shows you Homepage and Product Page links, including test links.


Testing a Popup Storefront

To test a Popup Storefront, you may choose to integrate the Storefront into your website using the test links for the Storefront, or click the Storefront's Preview command in the FastSpring App.

Alternatively, you can click the Checkout Links command on a product's details and then choose to preview that product using an existing Popup Storefront.


Payment Details

Regardless of which Storefront you are testing, you can complete a test purchase process by using the credit card data provided via the Test command for the Storefront.


Enter Your Email Address

To get a complete view of the customer experience from start to finish, enter your email address as the customer's email address when placing test orders. That way, customer-facing email messages will be delivered to your inbox for testing purposes. Reviewing these email messages is also an excellent opportunity to verify and adjust your customer notification settings and email templates.

You should continue to adjust and retest the Homepage and product pages until you are satisfied with the results. For more information about placing test orders, please see Test Orders.

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