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Video Tutorials Table of Contents


This article contains links to all current tutorial videos for the FastSpring Contextual Commerce product.

This article contains links to all current tutorial videos for the FastSpring Contextual Commerce product.

Video Title/LinkDurationDescription
How to Add a Popup Storefront to Your Website4:18Demonstrates quick and easy implementation of a Popup Storefront on a stand-alone Web page, including optional Store Builder Library elements.

Despite its short duration, this video shows the entire process from generic Web page to live, functional Popup Storefront site.
How to Add or Manage Users2:48Shows you how to create, modify, or disable users in the Dashboard.
How to Add Your Logo to a Web Storefront1:56Walks you through the process of uploading your logo image to appear at the top of a Web Storefront.
How to Add Your Logo to Customer-Facing Email Receipts1:26A quick and easy demonstration of adding your company logo image to the top of customers' receipt email messages.
How to Cancel a Customer's Subscription2:08Demonstrates the simple process of canceling a customer's subscription to prevent future scheduled charges.
How to Choose Between a Web Storefront and a Popup Storefront3:33Compares the two types of Storefronts to help you decide which is best for your needs
How to Create a Coupon2:34Shows you how to create a coupon that your customers can use to receive a promotional discount.
How to Create a Product1:41Walks you through the creation of a stand-alone product record for perpetual / non-subscription items.
How to Create a Product Bundle1:57A video that illustrates how to set up a bundle that consists of multiple existing products.
How to Create a Product Variation2:25Demonstrates how to create a product variation, such as a reduced-price option that can only be purchased as a cross-sell offer.
How to Create a Subscription2:42Shows you how to create a subscription-based product to include future automated recurring charges.
How to Export Data2:54Shows you how to export data from canned reports and how to access and use the data export utility.
How to Get Paid by FastSpring1:50Shows you how to set up disbursements from FastSpring to you (e.g., bank transfers, PayPal, Payoneer, or other payout methods).
How to Hide or Show the Coupon Field2:19Walks you through the process of controlling the availability and placement of the Coupon field on your Storefront.
How to Navigate the Dashboard6:53Helps new users familiarize themselves with the Dashboard control panel.

This video is somewhat longer in duration compared to the other videos. Its purpose is to provide a high-level overview of all major areas of the Dashboard,
so new users can get comfortable and find their way around in the interface. This video includes references to many other tutorial videos.
How to Navigate Reporting1:43A quick primer on navigating the reporting options available in the Dashboard.
How to Place a Test Order2:01Illustrates the process of placing a test or preview order to ensure that the Storefront looks and works as intended.
How to Process a Refund2:35Demonstrates the steps to processing a customer refund via the Dashboard.
How to Re-Send Downloads and License Keys2:16Shows you how to re-send customers' download links and license keys via email
How to Re-Send Receipt Email Messages1:21Shows you how to re-send customers' email receipts
How to Search for Orders3:48Shows you how to search for specific customers' transaction records
How to Set Up Cross-Sells and Upsells2:50Shows you how to set up cross-sells and upsells
How to Set Up Product Downloads3:04Shows you how to set up download fulfillments for your products
How to Subscribe to Webhooks2:26Shows you how to subscribe to webhooks for the most efficient integration of order data with your back-end or third-party systems.
How to Take Advantage of Custom Orders3:32Shows you how you can use the custom orders feature to pre-populate order data for a specific customer
How to Use the FastSpring API4:30Shows advanced users how to use the FastSpring API
How to Use the FastSpring WordPress Plugin7:30Shows you how to add FastSpring Store content to your WordPress site using our proprietary plugin

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