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Ways To Checkout With FastSpring


This article discusses the checkout options available and helps you determine which method(s) are best suited for your organization.

FastSpring provides several flexible options for checkout, from a FastSpring-hosted cart and checkout to a checkout solution that you can integrate fully into your existing website. The checkout method depends upon the type of Storefront that you use.

This article helps you determine the checkout method or methods best suited for your organization. Since each of the checkout options uses the same Store data and information, you have the flexibility to use any or all of the available methods in parallel.

Checkout Options include:

 Default Storefronts

Your FastSpring Store comes with both a Web Storefront and a Popup Storefront. For a comparison of the available checkout methods, please see Feature Comparison:  Web Storefronts vs. Popup Storefronts.


Web Storefront

When using the Web Storefront, your customers are redirected to the FastSpring Store to see their order details and complete the checkout process. The Web Storefront can serve as your product catalog and checkout process, or you can link directly to product pages from a catalog page on your site. For example, you could continue to use your website to display your products and use FastSpring's Web Storefront to provide the checkout process. If you do not have an existing product website, FastSpring provides you with the ability to display your products and pricing using FastSpring technology.

 Default Web Storefront

All Stores have a Web Storefront designated as the default Web Storefront. This Storefront is used by default when customers visit the account management site.


The Popup Storefront easily integrates into your existing website, providing you with a checkout payment process through a "popup" window displayed directly on top of your webpage. A Popup Storefront relies on your website to provide the product catalog and shopping cart. Once your customer is ready to pay for their purchase, the popup from FastSpring is displayed. Your customers can then enter their payment information, and FastSpring handles the payment processing and fulfillment (if required). The ideal Popup Storefront implementation includes integration with the Store Builder Library so that your pages can reflect the current order details before launching the checkout process. 

 Next Step

Now that you have a good understanding of the available checkout and Storefront options, you can select the method that you want to use with your Store.

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