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When Do I Get Paid?


This article explains the timing of payouts from FastSpring to you.

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FastSpring typically makes payouts to our clients a monthly or twice-monthly basis.

To identify the payment frequency for your Store, navigate to your Account Summary in the FastSpring App.
On the left-hand side of the Account page, the Payment Frequency field indicates how often FastSpring makes payouts for the Store.

Most FastSpring clients have a payment frequency of Two per Month, as illustrated in the example image above.

With this setting, you are paid every two weeks, with a delay of approximately two weeks from the end of a payment period until the payout is issued:

Sales Transaction DatesApproximate Payout Date
1st of the month through 14th of the month30th or 31st of the month
15th of the month through the end of the month14th or 15th of the next month

 Note about new accounts

For brand new accounts, it may, in some cases, take longer to receive your very first payout.

 Note about weekends and holidays

When your usual payment date falls on a weekend or a U.S. holiday, the timing of the payment is adjusted slightly.

 Note about the minimum payment

If your account balance is less than the Minimum Payment amount shown on the Account page, no payment is issued. In that case, your balance carries forward to the next payment period. For example, if your payment frequency is Two per Month, your balance will carry forward to your payment in two weeks. FastSpring Support can change the minimum payment amount at your request.

For clients whose payment frequency is Monthly, payouts are generally issued on or around the 14th or 15th of each month for sales from the previous calendar month, subject to the exceptions noted above.

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