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When Should You Use Multiple Storefronts?


This article discusses scenarios when it might be a good idea to use more than one Storefront, and provides an overview of how to go about this.

As with a brick-and-mortar store, Storefronts give you a range of possibilities in grouping, presenting, and selling your products. The default Storefront uses a default theme to display your products and related offers. It is ready for use right from the start. You can easily customize a Storefront to resemble your website or tweak its behavior using a simple set of available adjustments. You can also create any number of Storefronts within a Store by either "copying" a Storefront or creating one from scratch.

When is it a Good Idea to Create a New Storefront?

FastSpring encourages you to experiment with Storefront customization. You can assign different products to different Storefronts. Some great examples of reasons to use multiple Storefronts include:

  • Locale-specific Storefronts with different default languages or currencies
  • Mac vs. Windows or Apple vs. Android Storefronts
  • Holiday-themed Storefronts or Storefronts with unique product bundles
  • Different looks for different customer characteristics
  • Experiments to determine which layout customizations result in more purchases
  • Different Web interfaces: Web Storefronts vs. Popup Storefronts vs. Storefronts created on your website using the Store Builder Library.

Creating a new Storefront allows you to test your conversion improvement ideas or fine-tune the purchase process for traffic segments. To make this process simple and safe, we have implemented several features:

  • Copying Storefronts allows you to easily create a new Storefront by duplicating an existing one and making a few adjustments to it.
  • Each Storefront has a unique URL.
  • Each Storefront can use a different product layout, style, and other settings, letting you completely customize its appearance.
  • Storefronts allow for additional flexibility in upsells and cross-sells, letting you maximize your average order value by presenting different offers for different traffic and cases.

Storefront Experience Options

There are a few different ways your customers can experience your FastSpring Store.

  • Web Storefronts: Web Storefronts are the standard experience, presented on webpages hosted by FastSpring, similar to traditional ecommerce providers.
  • Popup Storefronts: Using Popup Storefronts, you can sell directly on your website. When a customer clicks a purchase link, a "Lightbox" popup appears with payment methods to expedite the purchase and simplify the customer experience.
  • Custom solutions: Dynamically display product information, promotional offers, a shopping cart, and other data from your FastSpring Store directly on your website. With Store Builder Library, you have complete control over the user interface, and you can use "buy" buttons that trigger a Web Storefront or a Popup Storefront to complete the purchase.