Customize & Configure
Your Online Store

At FastSpring, function meets flexibility. With extensive options for page layouts, customization and styling, FastSpring offers an ecommerce solution that can be tailored to your exact needs.
custom order pages

Custom Order Pages & Shopping Carts

Every page is completely customizable, from general look-and-feel components like page layouts to specific interface details like form fields.

Integrated Testing

FastSpring automatically includes multiple URLs for each service/product page, giving you an opportunity to test order page formats (including shopping cart flows), cross-sell placements, checkout flow and more in order to optimize every transaction.

Full CSS Control

Customize your store’s style with CSS. Styles can be applied to your store as a whole, or applied based on conditions you define, such as date ranges, link sources, specific products, or order environment (mobile browsers or embedded stores).

branded order pages

Branded Order Pages

Reduce cart abandonment by offering customers a seamless, connective experience from the moment they arrive at your website to the final click of their payment confirmation. Our team can even create a custom visual style for you perfectly matching your site’s look and feel.

Multi-Store Management

Run multiple stores with a single account, each with its own look and feel. Focus on niche areas of your product range and increase conversions by targeting a tightly defined audience with specific product interests.

Usage Tracking

FastSpring provides accountability for every action taken within the platform, from changes to offers and pricing to refunds and product disabling. You’ll always know who changed what and when.

multi-store management

Multi-Store Management, Usage Tracking & User Roles

  • Account Administrator (full access to all company stores)
  • Store Administrator (full access to a single store except Accounting)
  • Accountant (access to Orders, Accounts and Reports)
  • Store Maintainer (full access to a single store except Account and Reports)
  • Store Marketer (access to Orders and Reports)
  • Store Reporting (access to Orders and Reports)
  • Store Order Support (access to Orders)
  • Limited API User (access to API commands, but not the FastSpring platform itself)
mobile-optimized order pages

Mobile-Optimized Order Page Styles

Increase revenue from the ever-growing mobile marketplace with mobile-optimized order page styles for iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android. Using simple settings in the viewport meta-tag in the style’s html, along with CSS media queries, you can easily create styles for each of these devices.

third party integration

Third-Party Integration Via Notification

Most FastSpring clients use our real-time notifications engine to push data out of the FastSpring platform and into their own proprietary and third-party systems. Because notifications can be defined and configured completely via the web interface, integrating FastSpring to other systems is incredibly fast and easy.

  • Quick and simple integration with other systems
  • Flexible and easy to use web interface
  • Unlimited notifications (also known as IPNs)
  • Choose to receive notifications for one or all products
  • For subscriptions, notifications can be for first order or renewal order
  • Supported formats: Email (text and XML), HTTP (Name/Value pairs, SOAP, text and XML)
  • Automatic notification rules can be created on a single store or on all stores within an account
  • Alert emails automatically notify you when an HTTP notification fails