Relationship & Rights Management

Use FastSpring’s feature-rich tools to manage communications, grow your customer relationships and protect your intellectual property.

Digital Rights Management (DRM)

Digital Rights Management (DRM) enables a secure way to offer your products on a free trial or sale basis while still protecting your intellectual property. DRM helps you avoid pirated sales and maximize revenue.

FastSpring has partnered with and provides integration to many of the leading DRM solution providers:

  • AquaticPrime
  • CocoaFOB
  • Quick License Manager
  • Nalpeiron (NSL)
  • CryptoLicensing
  • SoftwareKey System
  • software_DNA

In addition to software DRM, FastSpring also supports hardware locking via HardwareID, which generates license codes and locks them to a single machine. This protects your products and codes against software cracking, piracy and reverse engineering. Have a preferred vendor you don’t see listed? Contact us. We can usually support requests for implementation. Note: DRM fees may apply.

Email Management

hanks to FastSpring’s third-party partnership with MailChimp, you can build email lists and manage campaigns for free. Send up to 12,000 emails monthly to up to 2,000 recipients – all at no charge. MailChimp offers seamless integration with WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Twitter and Salesforce, allowing for easy imports and accurate tracking. We also support Campaign Monitor and other third-party email campaign management integrations including with Lyris.

Support Notes

Individual customer support notes are made available for every subscribing client over the lifetime of their subscription. These notes can be a very useful tool for tracking support, communications, special requests, or any other interactions with your customer.

Unique, Secure Customer Page

When your customers create an online account within your FastSpring store, a unique link is generated. This link provides payment information updates,subscription cancellation, and a display of their billing history. This link is issued to your customers upon sign-up and is unique to each user.

Rich Notification Engine – Customizable Communications

  • Chance to Correct: Customers receive at least one chance to correct their payment information, and three days to make the correction(s) before their subscription is canceled.
  • Flexible Configuration: Choose when you want your customers contacted and tailor the notifications by changing the default communication schedule and customizing the template. HTML and plain text versions are available, giving you complete control of not only the language, but the design as well.
  • Proactive Reminders: The Fastspring platform provides proactive pre-billing reminder notifications for annual and bi-annual subscriptions as subscribers approach renewal. Like other reminders, these notifications are completely customizable.
  • Trial to Paid: Automatically notify customers of an approaching trial end date and paid subscription start.
  • Localization: Notifications can be easily localized using the Fastspring platform “Phrases” and “Template Code Logic” functionality.

Custom Surveys

Gain valuable insights into your clientele with point of purchase surveys. Discover where customers learned about your products, what they primarily use your products for, and more. Best of all, you don’t need access to an external survey site – build custom surveys right from the SpringBoard platform. Export to CSV format for easy integration with most CRM programs.