Better Buying Experience - Interactive Quotes

Features You Need To Close SaaS Deals Faster

FastSpring’s Interactive Quotes features are designed and built to keep up with high-velocity SaaS sales teams.

Create & Present Interactive Quotes

Perfect packages show both a bird’s eye view and the granular details of the deal

Close the Deal with eSignatures

Lock down the deal by prompting prospects to sign on the dotted line

Offer More Choice with Multi-Axis Pricing

Support pricing models that work for your pricing and prospects

Plan Your Follow-Ups with Deal Insights

See how your Quote is performing with analytics on prospect interactions

Configurable Quotes

Build custom Quotes in a crystal-clear, beautifully and intuitively designed guide — perfect for live demos or sending directly to prospects.

  • Features break down your offerings clearly, allowing prospects to compare and contrast between packages
  • Sub-features provide organized details on what’s included in specific features
  • Add-ons make quotes even more customizable and give prospects the choice they desire


Empower prospects to choose options and close the deal directly from the quote — no additional follow-ups required. 

  • eSignatures can be toggled on or off of Quotes and are easy to customize to your prospect
  • Terms of Service can be built directly into the signature, or linked to your website
  • Audit trail automatically sends to you and all signers once the deal is accepted
“FastSpring Interactive Quotes provided us with a framework to test [our pricing] more effectively. Our prospects can understand the high level quote we spoke about and allows for a really smooth conversation.”
Jack Hannah Sales Team Lead
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Multi-Axis Pricing

Use pricing models that best represent your pricing — and gives your prospect the choice they desire.

  • Per Unit Pricing allows you to price based on a per-unit quantity, like a number of users
  • Volume Pricing allows you to change the price of the unit according to the quantity purchased
  • Stair-Step Pricing allows you to assign a price to a bracketed amount of units, instead of individual units
  • Tiered Pricing allows you to sell units at varying price points

Deal Insights

Understand how your prospect is interacting with their personalized Interactive Quote — and close the deal by creating meaningful and informed follow-ups.

  • Real-time analytics show your prospect’s interactions with your quote, from their first click to their deal value
  • Notifications eliminate the guess-work of figuring out when your prospects are viewing your Quote
  • Slipping Away Page tracks Quote inactivity and notifies you of prospects that require follow-up

There’s Nothing Holding You Back

All the features and services you need to start closing SaaS deals faster

Organize Your Quotes

  • Track Closed Quotes by Won/Lost
  • Tag Quotes for Quick Search
  • View Guide Statuses
  • Sort Quotes by Category

Customize Your Quotes

  • Limited Time Offers
  • Calls to Action
  • Video and Text Content
  • Prospect Personalization

Organize Your Quotes

  • Personalized On-Boarding
  • Customized Training
  • Email and Chat Support
  • Help Center

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