Help With Charges

FastSpring sells software products from thousands of software companies. If you do not recognize a charge and would like us to get you a receipt, or suspect that the charge is fraudulent, we can quickly investigate and help you resolve the issue. Please use the form below to search for the transaction. If we can find a record of the transaction, we will email the receipt to the address that was used for the purchase.

FastSpring is a trusted reseller of software products and services. We handle all aspects of purchasing and delivery, including licensing and activation. We also take care of all aspects of buyer satisfaction and payment-based customer support.

Please fill out the form if you:

  • Don’t recognize a charge on your card
  • Suspect a fraudulent charge on your card
  • Need a receipt or invoice for a charge

Please note all fields are required. If you don’t have exact information (e.g. for date of charge), enter an approximation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Buying From FastSpring-Enabled Stores

I wired the payment for this order. Why it hasn’t been completed yet?
Where should a completed purchase order form be sent.
I never received an order confirmation, receipt, or product delivery email.
I placed an order. Why didn’t I receive my product?
I want to get a sales quote for a specific product.
I have a question or issue regarding a subscription that was not covered by previous information.
The download link for my product has expired. How do I renew it?
My license key, product key, or serial number is not being accepted. What do I do?
What is the refund policy for my purchase?
Are purchase orders accepted?
I have a coupon and would like to use it.
Why was my credit card declined?
I don’t recognize a charge on my statement
“FSPRG” is showing up on my bank, credit card, or financial statement.
Why am I being charged sales tax?
My organization is tax exempt. I would like to request a refund of taxes charged.
While purchasing, I received an error message indicating that I must accept the terms and conditions to continue, but I cannot see a check box to accept them.
I am having trouble downloading a product I purchased.
I lost my license key, product key, or serial number.
My order was declined but I was still charged.
I’d like to request a tax refund or a VAT refund.
I need an invoice updated or changed.
I want to edit billing info, payment method, or entirely cancel an active subscription.
I’d like to request a refund for a product I purchased.
I need help with a product I purchased.

PayPal Processing Notice

Beginning October 1, 2019 to improve the performance of transactions certain subscriptions previously processed by PayPal US, the service provider, will now be processed by PayPal EU. The entity is also a controller of personal data processed in connection with the services provided by us. The terms of provision of our service do not change. The shape of the service, as well as the scope, purpose, and conditions of processing that personal data, remain the same.