Increase payment success rates with intelligent routing.

Are customers frequently complaining about failed transactions? The trouble is probably your ecommerce platform’s capacity to route payments – a common problem with merchant transactions. FastSpring utilizes built-in intelligent payment routing, which dramatically increases payment success rates.

Do you want to increase your customer payment success rate? Of course you do! A higher payment success rate means happier customers and more money in your pocket. With FastSpring, more customers will complete transactions the first time.

The average online transaction success rate is around 83%. With intelligent payment routing from FastSpring, that success rate can improve to well over 90%. Here’s how FastSpring can boost your revenue with optimized payment routing.

FastSpring Intelligent Payment Routing

Process Transactions Locally

If you sell digital products online you have customers in other countries. Transactions that are authorized in the same country or region where they originate have a higher payment success rate. With FastSpring’s transaction data analysis, you’ll have higher payment success rates even if your customers are international.

FastSpring identifies the location of the bank that issued your buyer’s credit card. The transaction is then automatically routed to an acquiring bank in the same location as the issuing bank. Maintaining continuity between currencies and languages means nothing gets lost in translation. Your customers get a localized payment solution that works.

Provide customers with a localized buying experience.

Shoppers can become frustrated when pricing is displayed in a currency that is foreign to them. This frustration is often caused by an inability to determine what their purchase will actually cost. This is a substantial disincentive to buy and, for many businesses, a real inhibitor to international sales. An important step to maximizing payment success rates is to price products in the local currency of a customer. By offering products for sale in a localized currency, you can expand your business, increase profitability and success, while simultaneously reducing lost transactions and limiting interruption of the sales process.

Tapping into the proven demand can lead to substantial growth. Studies show that across the board, businesses that have added local currencies have typically seen sales increase in the range of 20% to 80% (although this depends of course on competitive landscape, industry sector etc).

Failover payment processing

Increase conversions with more payment gateways.

One challenge your online business may have is the insufficiency of a single payment gateway. FastSpring utilizes multiple payment gateways worldwide. When a transaction is initiated, FastSpring’s intelligent payment routing instantly finds the best payment gateway to complete the transaction.

FastSpring’s high performance routing ensures you the highest transaction success rates globally. More payment options means greater revenue for your business.

Failover processing helps you complete more transactions.

The average online transactions failure rate is around 17%. How does your e-commerce platform perform when it encounters a failed transaction?

With FastSpring’s failover processing, you get fewer transaction failures. Our intelligent payment routing quickly and efficiently reroutes the transaction to another acquiring bank for successful completion. Optimized routing performance means increased cart conversions.

Safe & Secure Payment Processing

Faulty security measures can slow processing times and increase failed transactions. FastSpring’s platform was built to maintain airtight security and we are fully PCI Level 1 compliant. Safer passage of your customers’ data means higher conversion rates.

No setup hassle or setup fees – payment processing features are built in.

Increasing you payment success rate doesn’t mean paying more. FastSpring’s built-in intelligent payment routing and multiple payment gateways are automatically included with your FastSpring account.

Plus, with FastSpring’s award-winning customer support team, we’ll answer any questions you have and help you easily get set up. We’re always happy to help.

Don’t lose sales because your ecommerce platform can’t handle your success. Build and grow your online business with FastSpring. You can improve your payment success rates easily with FastSpring.

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