Community Guidelines

Start with FastSpring Support

If you’re a FastSpring customer, our support team is eager to help with any issues or questions you may have with our platform or services. Please start by submitting a support request first — it helps get you faster assistance!

Be global

We have members from all over the world in this community, so remember this when having conversations with other members. Respect everyone’s differences, keep conversations in English, don’t assume anything, avoid politics and religion, and ask for clarification if you’re ever confused.

Be respectful

No personal attacks, ever. Debate is encouraged, but please be professional. Remember that your opinion is only an opinion, and others’ opinions are not necessarily wrong, they’re just different. Likewise, ask a member in a public channel for their permission before sending them a direct message. If you wouldn’t be comfortable saying it to a coworker in front of your Human Resources director, don’t say it here

Be willing to share

Members are more likely to answer your questions or help you if you’ve already shown your value to the group by sharing your expertise.

No unsolicited self promotion 

We have a self-promotion channel, so keep unsolicited self-promos there. If you think you have a product, event, or anything else that might be the answer to someone’s question, ask them if they’re interested before posting your link.

Use good Slack etiquette 

For starters, but not limited to:

When in doubt, ask a moderator for help, or check out these etiquette tips from Slack

(Not familiar with Slack yet? Check out Slack’s tutorials here.)

Keep posts about FastSpring in the FastSpring channel 

FastSpring tips, use questions, and other inquiries are welcome in the FastSpring channel, or via direct message to the moderators. Additionally, suggestions for product workarounds not supported by FastSpring are discouraged and may be removed.  

Membership restrictions

Direct competitors to FastSpring or members who fall under geographic restrictions and/or restricted business types will be denied entry or removed if necessary, and any discussion regarding restricted business types will be removed along with the member who started the discussion.

Break these guidelines at your own risk 

If you don’t follow the above guidelines or continue to break the rules after repeated warnings, you will be removed from the community.