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Cart Abandonment Tracking and Consumer Mailing List Opt-In


How to receive notifications when customers abandon their cart before purchasing, and keep track of consumers who have opted into your mailing list.

FastSpring Storefronts include an optional checkbox that your consumers can use to opt in or out of future emails. If you subscribe to certain webhook events under Integrations > Webhooks, FastSpring keeps you apprised of the current mailing list status for each consumer email address. You can also collect email addresses of consumers who have entered their addresses but abandoned the cart without making a purchase. FastSpring communicates these two types of data via two specific webhook events designed for these purposes:

  • mailingListEntry.updated - Sent when additions or changes to the 'abandoned,' 'subscribed' or 'unsubscribed' lists occur
  • mailingListEntry.removed - Sent when a previously-subscribed consumer has cleared the opt-in checkbox and completed an order 

Cart Abandonment Tracking Details

When a consumer enters their email address on your Storefront, a 30-minute cart abandonment timer starts. If the consumer does not complete the order within 30 minutes, FastSpring considers the cart abandoned. Within fifteen minutes of the end of that timer, an optional mailingListEntry.updated webhook event fires (if you have subscribed to this event). The webhook event data includes the consumer's email address and shows the list and the reason as abandoned.

The webhook data includes details about the abandoned product, which may be useful in creating customized remarketing messages to send to consumers who have abandoned the cart. For example, a customized remarketing message could include details about the product and the product's icon image, to remind the consumer what they had selected. 
Product details included in webhook data:

  • product - The product path or ID
  • quantity - the quantity of the product that the consumer had selected
  • display - the product’s consumer-facing display name
  • summary - the product’s summary description
  • imageURL - a URL pointing to the product;s icon image file hosted by FastSpring

If the consumer selects multiple products before they abandon the cart, the webhook data includes separate details for each product in the cart.

Call to Action in Remarketing Messages

For third-party remarketing services, see our Extensions. These services assist you in receiving webhook data, parsing the information, and sending remarketing messages to consumers with abandoned carts. 

In the call to action of your remarketing message, you can include a link that consumers can use to return to the Storefront with the product already selected for them. For Web Storefronts, create a link to the product page by appending the product path (from the product field in the webhook data) to the Storefront’s homepage URL, with a forward slash separating them.


URL and Webhook product information for Example Product 1:
  • Homepage URL -
  • product in Webhook Data - example-product-1

Link to Example Product 1:


Consumer Mailing List Opt-In Details

If a consumer completes an order in less than 30 minutes, FastSpring does not notify you of the abandoned cart. If the consumer's email has never been used in your Store, the mailingListEntry.updated webhook event fires within 15 minutes of the completed purchase. The list and the reason in the webhook data are either marked as subscribed or unsubscribed, depending on whether or not the consumer selected the opt-in checkbox.

If a consumer who has previously opted in opts in again with the same email address, no mailingListEntry webhook event fires.

If a consumer whose email was previously subscribed opts out, two separate webhook events will fire within 15 minutes (in addition to the order.completed and related events):

  • mailingListEntry.removed - will show the list as subscribed, since the consumer's email address is being removed from the subscribed list.
  • mailingListEntry.updated - will show the list and the reason as unsubscribed.