Have you ever asked yourself: “How am I going to sell my software online?”

FastSpring is your ultimate solution for selling software online. FastSpring makes it easy for you to sell your software online, and even easier for your customers to buy it through your new FastSpring-hosted web store.

Take the time and pain out of building your own order system infrastructure. FastSpring’s order pages are elegant and can be designed – at no extra charge – to match the look and feel of your website, creating a seamless flow for your customers.


Advantages of Selling Software Through FastSpring

Dealing with shopping carts and multiple payment processors, such as Visa and MasterCard, on your own to sell software online can be cumbersome, expensive, and time-consuming. With FastSpring, you can sell your software using more payment methods than ever before. Avoid the hassles of dealing with taxes, being the merchant of record, integrating with multiple payment processors, and payment gateways. With FastSpring, you can sell your software effortlessly all over the world, in languages and currencies localized automatically for each of your customers.

selling software online with fast spring

Grow Your Revenue

FastSpring delivers a simple and secure method for you to sell your files. You will enjoy an intuitive administrative interface for setting up your products, including pricing, fulfillment, registration codes, downloads, discount coupons, and even a shopping cart setup. Our award-winning customer support will help you every step of the way to selling software online profitably.

Sell My Software

Different individuals and companies have unique needs when they seek a solution to help market their software. With FastSpring’s backend application platform, you get an intuitive interface for all your e-commerce tasks, simple or complex. Maybe you’re not very tech-savvy. Maybe you just want a quick, no-frills way to sell software. Here’s an example of a simple and common sales flow:

• Your customers click on a “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart” button for a product on your site.
• They are seamlessly transitioned to our secure servers to complete the purchase.
• Customers receive an e-mail with a secure and time-limited download link.
• You get paid bi-weekly by FastSpring.

It’s that easy. Setup is simple, and FastSpring Support will be there to guide you through every step.

Easy Customization & Reporting

What if your needs are more complex? What if your software requires a key, license, or serial number? No problem: you can use our built-in license fulfillment options. What about special promotions, coupons, or download protection? These features are also included in FastSpring’s solution. The FastSpring platform also tracks sales and provides detailed sales reports, allowing you to see trends and maximize profits. You’ll quickly realize that FastSpring’s platform is a very powerful application, allowing you to sell software online easily and affordably.

Selling Subscription Software

FastSpring not only allows traditional downloadable desktop software sales, but also makes it easy to sell software on a subscription basis, with recurring billing. Subscription plans can have free trial periods, first-time fees, a wide range of recurring cycles, and prorating for plan changes. For your customers, you can easily configure a series of notifications.

These e-mails will let a customer know if his or her credit card has expired and needs updating, notify the customer of an upcoming charge for annual or bi-annual plans, and more. Powerful reporting for subscription sales is built in too, with clear data presentation and exports.

You can sell software that extends a customer’s lifetime value (LTV) and earns you recurring revenue. Whether you’re using a SaaS model or considering selling software as a subscription, the FastSpring platform has the functionality you will need, at no extra charge.

Get Started Selling via Recurring Billing Today

Whether you’re selling software as a service (SaaS) with different pricing plans, a software product that renews each year or every 6 months, access to a members-only section of your site with value-added content, or greater support levels, FastSpring’s recurring payments solution is a perfect fit for your business. Get started today and start making recurring income that is more dependable and lucrative than the up and down cycles of one-time sales.

Selling Software In-App

You can even build a web store into your product using our embedded store SDK for in-app purchasing, available for both Mac and Windows. Customers will never have to leave your product to upgrade from trial to full versions. Embedded stores can support one-time purchases or subscription billing. Conversion tends to increase noticeably for such setups, as selling software this way is incredibly user-friendly.

Adding Partners to Sell Your Software Online

FastSpring can help you sell your software through partners, too. We can set up split-pay partners where you set the percentage your partners earn on their sales of your digital products. You can also open a Reseller Partner store, where you extend credit to partners for licenses of your online software and track these sales channels effortlessly within the FastSpring platform. This allows you to not only sell your software online, but to also sell more of it, to previously untargeted markets, and to grow the ecosystem of your products’ e-commerce.

Start Selling Software Online Today

FastSpring’s founders and team have years of industry experience building e-commerce systems, marketing software, and selling software online successfully. Put that knowledge and understanding to work for you and start selling your software today!

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