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We can help you set up the program that works best for your unique needs. Whether you already have an established affiliate program, are interested in scaling your affiliate program, or are just starting out.

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With FastSpring’s extensive affiliate network, boosting your global reach and distribution is only half the story—we also help you manage your affiliate program. FastSpring’s affiliate marketing system automatically remits payments owed to your affiliate partners.

Get Access to a Network of 10,000+ Global Affiliate Partners

Tap into our vast network of third-party partners and reseller stores to give your customers more ways to find your digital products. You can find the right partners to help you sell your unique offering worldwide.

Affiliate Program FAQ

Affiliate Setup

What is an Insertion Order?
How do I set up an Insertion Order?
How do I know what commission to provide affiliates?
What are special terms?
Is there a setup fee?
Who do I contact with questions about fees FastSpring assesses for use of the Affiliate system?

Affiliate Support

Who do I contact for support on Impact?
Who can help me place the pixel tracking code onto my FastSpring store page?

Affiliate Payments

How are affiliate or media partner payments handled?
How often are affiliates paid?
Do I have to pay my affiliates or does FastSpring handle payment to affiliates?
Can affiliates be paid different commission amounts?
What is the cost of using the affiliate system?

Affiliate Reporting

Can I see affiliate sales in my FastSpring reports?
How are returns/refunds handled in the FastSpring Affiliate Marketing system?
Can I specify or exclude some of my products from being available for affiliate commission?

Affiliate Partners

Can I invite specific partners to become an affiliate?
Can I list my products in Impact’s Marketplace?
"The FastSpring Affiliate Platform is easy to configure. The support team helped us design a program that would attract the right affiliates and get things set up properly."
Mark Jacobs Marketing Manager, Skylum Software
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