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By joining the FastSpring Affiliate Program you will be able to expand your market reach and drive incremental revenue to your business by partnering with global or niche affiliates that will promote and sell your products and services to their audience. Because FastSpring is partnered with a leading affiliate network, Impact Radius, merchant participants will benefit from seamless integration and the leading edge partner program technology.

Impact Radius is a robust affiliate system that puts thousands of affiliates or media partners in touch with your product and campaign offerings. After registering your FastSpring products, they will be seen on Impact Radius’s Marketplace, which will give you exposure to all of the Impact Radius affiliates. You will immediately have access to a marketplace of global partners via a quick & easy campaign setup.

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As a FastSpring client, registering as a merchant opens new channels of customers and sales. Because FastSpring is partnered with a leading affiliate network, you will benefit from seamless integration and the leading edge partner program technology.

Boost ROI while enhancing scalability, analytic insights, and control.

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Are you a content expert in your field of digital downloads, online games, Saas or subscription services? Sign up as a media partner of FastSpring. You can earn commissions quickly and easily by promoting our extensive marketplace of advertisers.

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Affiliate Marketing Program Terms

Client will be setup to have access to the FastSpring Affiliate Marketing System. Client will be setup to have access to the FastSpring Affiliate Marketing System upon completion of the sign-up flow and execution of the Order Form. There are additional fees for sales generated through this system, set forth within the Order Form and noted below as “Affiliate Sale Fee”. Note that in using this system, Client is agreeing to relationships with 3rd party marketers that will advertise Client’s products in exchange for payment on sales they generate. Client will be liable for those payments, which FastSpring will facilitate by remitting payments owed to 3rd party marketers for sales generated through the FastSpring Affiliate Marketing System from Client’s FastSpring account to those 3rd party marketers.

Affiliate Sale Fee: 25% (Commission on Payout Amount to Affiliate)

Affiliate Platform Monthly Fee: $199 (first month free)

Getting Paid

You do not have to do anything to pay your affiliates. FastSpring funds the Impact Radius system and Impact Radius pays all of your affiliates directly. Once a month, the amount that FastSpring has funded to Impact Radius for your affiliates is deducted from your FastSpring payment.

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Who sets up my affiliate account?

You are responsible for setting up your own affiliate account and your own campaign(s). There is a setup wizard that will guide you through this process. Any other specific questions can be addressed by emailing

What is an Insertion Order?

An Insertion Order is your agreement with your affiliates. This is where you dictate the commission amount, tiers and special terms. You will need to have at least one public Insertion Order which will serve as your default offering to an affiliate. If you have other partners that you want to do a special commission rate for, then you would create an individual Insertion Order and that may have a different percentage of payout to the affiliate. Your affiliates can propose a different commission rate that they desire as well and you can either approve or deny those requests.

How do I set up an Insertion Order?

Please refer to our QuickStart guide that can be obtained at the bottom of this page and also via the post-signup activation email. For guidance with this you can also reach out to us at

How do I know what commission to provide affiliates?

You can apply to become a Media Partner within Impact Radius (click here to apply) and see what other advertisers or competitors are offering.

What are special terms?

Special terms are appended to insertion orders to cover policies and conditions that your media partners must adhere to. Special terms are not required but they do provide the ability to embed policies such as trademark restrictions, promotional regulations, brand usage and copy writing guidelines into your insertion orders.

Is there a setup fee?

While there are no setup fees for standard integrations, please contact for questions on specialized implementations, current startup promotions, or for a fully managed approach.

Who do I contact with questions about fees FastSpring assesses for use of the Affiliate system?

Any questions about fees for using the system can be sent to

Who do I contact for support on Impact Radius?

Please contact for any Impact Radius support related questions

Who can help me place the pixel tracking code onto my FastSpring store page?

You can email your pixel tracking code (found in the system after you create an Action Tracker) to if you are unsure of how to place the tracking code onto your FastSpring receipt/thank you page.

How are affiliate or media partner payments handled?

Affiliates are paid through the Impact Radius system. FastSpring funds your affiliate payments so that you do not have to handle paying the affiliates directly. Affiliates can be paid via electronic funds transfer, PayPal, or check ($5 processing fee).

How often are affiliates paid?

Affiliates are paid once a month on the 15th of the month. Keep in mind that there is a locking period to protect you from paying commissions on returned orders. Affiliates are only paid on transactions that have been “locked”. The system is set up for a 30 day locking period. Once transactions are past 30 days old, they are put into a locked status. Those locked transactions are then paid on the 15th of the month. Once a transaction is locked it cannot have a return processed in the system.

Do I have to pay my affiliates or does FastSpring handle payment to affiliates?

FastSpring funds your affiliate payments for you so that you do not have to pay your affiliates directly.  Then once a month, the amount that FastSpring has funded for you is deducted from your FastSpring payment.

Can affiliates be paid different commission amounts?

Yes, you can have a general setting for a commission amount and/or you can have specific settings for a given partner or affiliate.  These are set up in the Insertion Orders section of your account. You can have a public insertion order and also individual customized insertion orders.

What is the cost of using the affiliate system?

The cost of using the affiliate system is based on only transactions that have an affiliate payout amount associated with it and it is 25% of the affiliate’s commission. For example, if an affiliate with a 20% commission rate sells a $100 product, then the affiliate is paid 20% of $100, or $20 for the sale. The fee you incur is 25% of the affiliate’s $20 commission, or $5. So for the $100 product, you make $100 minus $20 paid to affiliate minus the $5 fee, or $75. Note: this calculation does not include the service fee for the order itself, as stated in your FastSpring User Agreement. Any questions about fees for using the system can be sent to

Can I see affiliate sales in my FastSpring reports?

Currently, the two systems are not linked.  All reporting, including dashboard reporting is found in your Impact Radius account.  The system has very robust reporting available to you.

How are returns/refunds handled in the Impact Radius system?

You can manually return an order in the system as long as it is not in a locked status.  Once it is locked there is no way in the Impact Radius system to process a refund/return on that transaction. Additionally, please note that since the FastSpring system is not linked to the Impact Radius system, that any return would need to be done in your FastSpring account as well.

Does a return/refund get reflected in my FastSpring account?

No, any returns/refunds processed in Impact Radius do not transfer over to FastSpring. You will need to go into the FastSpring account and process a return/refund from within Springboard separately from the return process within Impact Radius since the two systems are not currently linked.

Can I specify or exclude some of my products from being available for affiliate commission?

Yes, you can create SKU Exception lists for your products so that those products are not available for commission on an affiliate sale.

Can I invite specific partners to become an affiliate?

Yes, you can have a branded signup link on your website where partners/affiliates can sign up to sell your products through the Impact Radius system. You can also send a direct signup link to your specific campaign to your partners.

Can I list my products in Impact Radius’s Marketplace?

Yes, Impact Radius has a Marketplace where there are thousands of affiliates/media partners.  You can make your product visible on the Marketplace when you set up setup your account.

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