Never Stress About Sales Tax and VAT

Selling SaaS, software, or digital goods? We’ll collect your sales taxes — then remit those taxes on your behalf. Compliance worries? Tax returns in multiple jurisdictions? Not collecting taxes today and need to start? We’ll take care of everything.

We’ll Collect and Remit Taxes
on Your Behalf

FastSpring acts as the merchant of record for sales of SaaS, software, and digital goods on your website. That means we’re responsible for handling the sales tax. You control the checkout experience and branding. We process the payment, collect appropriate taxes, then remit those taxes on your behalf.

Instantly Become Tax Compliant

Tax rules are always changing. Do you know how Wayfair vs. South Dakota changed the rules in the U.S.? Are you current with all the different VAT regulations in the EU? Have you kept up with digital services tax updates in India? You can try to keep up with global tax changes on your own (or even with the help of a tax professional). 
Or you can trust FastSpring to keep you tax compliant worldwide — even as the rules change.

We File 1,000+ Tax Returns —
So You Don’t Have To

FastSpring relieves you of the burden of managing purchase-related taxes in thousands of jurisdictions all over the world. Our merchant of record business model means you no longer have to worry about collecting purchase-related taxes, remitting those taxes, or filing tax returns. Instead, FastSpring automatically collects and remits sales tax and VAT for every purchase made through our platform. We then file all necessary tax returns — over 1,000 returns around the world every year. Why? So you don’t have to.

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FastSpring is more than taxes. We’re your merchant of record.

FastSpring’s merchant of record model is a unique service available to sellers of SaaS, software, and digital goods — anywhere in the world. A merchant of record (like FastSpring!) will process payments, deliver revenue, collect and remit sales taxes, manage your subscriptions, monitor fraud, increase approval rates, keep you compliant, and respond to any audits related to sales taxes or VAT — so you don’t have to.

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